9 Things to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

The roof is one of the most important structures of a house. Getting its installation done properly from the get-go is not only vital for the house’s structural integrity but for the protection of the contents inside. The first step is picking the right roofing company. During this stage, it is advisable to take your time and do some research. While at it, you will need some pointers for picking the right roofing contractor. Here are a few simple, but effective tips: 

1. Experience
Given the importance and intricacy of roofing systems, it goes without saying that experience is the most important attribute according to The Roofing Company. The more experience a contractor has, the higher the chances of understanding the roofing system you need. But even a seasoned contractor started somewhere as well, right? If a roofing contractor is in the infancy period of their profession, ask if they were an apprentice and how long they held this position. This will give an idea of if they can tell the difference between cedar and bitumen shakes.  

Factor in your roofing project as well. Installing asphalt shingles on your garden shed is way different than a complete house roof replacement. You want to ensure that the contractor you pick will have the tools, knowledge, and experience required to complete the project in a professional way. 

2. Ask Questions
Whether it’s on the phone or in person, do not hesitate to ask any question that goes through your mind regarding roofing, the process, and the available options. If you do not understand something, ask the potential contractor to clarify. A reputable one should be willing to answer all your questions.  

3. Communication
When it comes to garnering information regarding roofing contractors, be it from the internet, ads or friends, make notes when you contact them. How long did it take them to call back or answer an email? Are you still waiting for their reply? With a project as big as a roofing installation, communication is key. If they cannot reply to your messages from the get-go, how can you expect them to be good communicators during the project?  

4. Professionalism
Once you contact a potential contractor, how do they act on the phone? Do they answer your questions or beat around the bush? If they are at your property carrying out inspections before giving a quote, do they respond to your queries or do they appear irritated? Of course, do not badger them, but they are trying to secure your project and should therefore be professional. You can get a reputed asphalt roofing company from this link here.

5. Look at the Calendar
In the Pacific Northwest, roofing contractors should be able to work throughout the year. However, spring is usually when things begin to pick up. Ask about their time frame and when they will be able to embark on your project. A 600 Sq Ft.bungalow will not take nearly as long as a house three times the size. Putting emergency cases aside, how long are you willing to wait before the contractor begins the job? 

6. Size is Imperative
Other than the timeline and when the job will begin, it is also imperative to consider how long the project will take. If there’s no structural damage, an experienced contractor should be able to tell how long a straightforward roofing job will last. Keep in mind that the size of the roofing company’s team will play a crucial role in their schedule.   

Do they have enough laborers to get the job done in a timely manner? Or will it be a two or three-man team? Small operations are not necessarily ‘bad’, but it means they will take longer than a crew of five or more people. In addition, do they have their own workers or will they involve sub-contractors? If a roofing company has its own team, chances are they know what they are doing.  

7. The Paperwork
When dreaming about your new roof, it can be easy to forget about reality. Any roofing contractor you pick needs to be licensed and stay up to date on the license. In addition, they should have the right coverage, which in this case should be general liability insurance.  

This is to protect you in case someone is hurt or property damage occurs during the project. To further protect yourself, pick a bonded company. This will protect you financially in case of a subpar or unfinished job. Ensure that all this paperwork is up to date, and get a copy of their insurance certificate.  

8. Additional Paperwork
An estimate, written on paper will ensure you comprehend exactly what you’re paying for and the signed contract ensures that the roofing company has agreed to provide their services. Included in the estimate should be labor and roofing materials, allowing you to know where the money goes. Before you sign that dotted line, ensure you read through the estimate and contract thoroughly.  

9. The Price
Price plays a vital role in every purchase you make. However, we have decided to put it last on the list, as it should not be the only determining factor when hiring a roofer. Once you have found three or more reputable contractors, look at their prices and then pick one that you can afford and meets your needs. 

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