9 Steps to Take After Purchasing Your Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting and stressful venture. It’s easy to get bogged down by all the red tape and paperwork to complete. Many people are so eager to leave their old life behind and start over in the new home that they forget important details.  
For example, new homeowners need to protect themselves from another party’s claims of ownership that may surface after the purchase is complete. Sunnyside title company offers clients a sense of security that their home is theirs alone.  
There are other steps to complete the moving process. Here are 9 of the most urgent.  

  1. Update Mailing Address

While the idea of being free from junk mail is tempting, your bills and other correspondences need to find you. Updating your mailing address is something that should be done before moving day. It takes a few weeks for the address change to reflect in the system.  
In the meantime, fill out forms to have your mail forwarded from your old address to your new one. Introducing yourself to your new mail carrier may help ensure that you receive your mail promptly.  

  1. Hook Up Utilities

Before leaving your prior home, contact the various utility companies to set a shut-off date for electricity, water, internet, etc. Many companies will transfer services to your new address at no extra cost to you.  

  1. Change Locks

You likely received the house keys when closing on the house, but are you the only one that has a spare? You never know who the previous owners allowed to have access to the home. Before moving in, put safety first and change the locks.  

  1. Check Smoke Detectors

Firefighters suggest checking the batteries on smoke detectors twice a year on Daylight Saving Time. However, when moving into a new home, checking the smoke detectors should be on your to-do list.  

  1. Hire Maintenance Company

At some point, as a new homeowner, something in your home will need to be fixed. Or your lawn is going to need landscaping. Hiring a new maintenance company shortly after moving assures that someone will be there if your hot water heater or another necessary appliance breaks in the middle of the night.  

  1. Set Up Mortgage Auto-Pay 

As a new homeowner, you don’t want to fall behind on your mortgage payments. Setting up auto-pay arrangements guarantees that you will never be late making a payment. Just don’t forget to budget the payment into your monthly expenses.  

  1. Deep Clean Carpets

The previous homeowner hopefully didn’t leave the house a total disaster before selling. Still, it’s best to clean the carpets and other surfaces before bringing your furniture and other belongings.  

  1. Unpack

Once the carpets are clean, it’s time to unpack! Unpacking is the worst part of moving. Don’t expect to have everything unpacked in one day.  

  1. Throw a Party! 

A party is a perfect way to introduce yourself to your new neighbors while giving old friends a glimpse at your new digs. Housewarming games will keep your guests entertained and break the ice.  
Purchasing a new home is a huge milestone that should be enjoyed. Follow the above steps, and the transition will be seamless.  

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