8 Tips for Pallets Disposal for Construction Industry


Wooden Pallets are used to move construction material from one place to another securely without any damage, requiring minimum manpower. Once the construction project is completed, you will have a stack of unwanted/broken pallets that are of no use and taking up the space. In this article, we have discussed 8 recycling tips to get rid of these pallets.  

Standard Pallet Delivery Service 

As you might have guessed, pallets play an important role when it comes to our delivery services. We use wooden pallets to keep our deliveries as secure and safe as possible. Without the protection of pallets, large deliveries containing delicate items such as ceramics or glass could be in danger of breaking or damages during transportation. The pallets we use are made to fit large products including baths and shower enclosures. Since we have implemented these pallets, just about every order is now delivered in impeccable condition.  
Our team of standard pallet deliveries is not insured when it comes to carrying an order into your house (this includes removal of packaging). This is an applicable rule regardless of your personal circumstances. This is why we must make sure each customer is prepared for their delivery, and that the right packaging materials have been supplied to complete the delivery. Here are our recommendations on upcycling and recycling options so that you know how to get rid of your pallets in an environmentally friendly way.  

Recycling Pallets 

HRC (Household Recycling Centers) also called tips, is a good choice when you want to dispose of a wooden pallet. HRCs recycle various items that RCS (residential collection services) usually won't take. When taking used pallets to an HRC, you help to keep your carbon footprint down and you are offering materials that are then recycled into new things.  
According to Verde you should check on the website of your local council to find a recycling center near you. Here you will find out what you can and cannot recycle along with the address and contact details.  

Give Them Away for Free 

Savvy DIY'ers are always looking for items such as pallets. An easy way to get rid of pallets is to offer them for free. Many customers have found success by placing their wooden pallets outside their houses. Just make sure you attach a sign that indicates it can be taken away for free. This is a cost-effective and easy method to dispose of your pallets.  

Sell Your Wooden Pallet Online 

Selling unwanted pallets is actually an easy task. You can make a bit of money, and have the pallet collected from your home. Places such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are the best platforms you can use to list the pallet for free.  

Upcycle Your Pallet 

A family-friendly and fun way to get rid of a pallet would be to upcycle the product. This would involve using the wood and changing it into something useful around your garden or home. Here are 3 easy ways to upcycle wooden pallets: 

A Standing Garden 

Have you ever heard the word Standing Garden? A standing garden offers a way to protect beautiful plants while also saving space. All you need to do is turn the pallet vertically and you have several tidy rows you can use for your plants.  
Using a wooden pallet as a Standing Garden is a simple way to incorporate a feature into your yard without the need to buy new pots.  
If you want to find out more on how to make one, watch this YouTube tutorial.  

Coffee Table 

This one is a bit more complex, but an upcycled table could be a fantastic addition to your house, and it will help you to save money. There are tons of different ways to use wooden pallets to make coffee tables. We have added a YouTube tutorial on one of the easiest ways to add this feature to your outdoor or indoor space. 

Garden Planter 

Like the Standing Garden, the Garden Planters are simple to make adding a useful feature to your outdoor space. For optimal results, we suggest keeping your build simple, like what is described in the link to the video below.  
With all these tips in mind, you should also be aware that there are far quicker and easier ways to get rid of a pallet. You can break the pallet down and place it in a skip that you are using for your bathroom renovation. There are also many local companies to choose from that sell and buy wooden pallets. 

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