7 Things Guests Want In A Modern Restaurant

If you're running a modern restaurant, it's important to make sure that your guests have a great experience. After all, they're the ones who will be coming back time and time again! This article will take a look at seven things that guests want to see in modern restaurants. Keep these in mind when you're designing your space!

Modernized Restrooms 

A bathroom must be clean and filled with high-quality and new equipment. Many owners tend to buy modern commercial restroom supplies as they're much better to look at and use. Plus, they don't break as easily as cheaper alternatives.

There's nothing worse than a dingy, old restroom. If you want to keep your guests coming back, modernize your restrooms! They'll thank you for it. 
Do some research and find good solutions that will work for your business. modern commercial restroom supplies are a great place to start! Your guests will be glad you did. This is one of the most important things that guests want to see in a modern restaurant! 

Pleasant Waiters 

All your staff, especially the ones that interact with guests, must be pleasant. This is non-negotiable in the modern restaurant business. You might be able to get away with a surly host or busboy, but if your waitstaff has bad attitudes, it will reflect poorly on your establishment. Train your staff to be pleasant and make sure they understand that their tips depend on it!
While great food and service are important, there are other factors that come into play when trying to create a modern restaurant that will appeal to guests. Train the waiters to be pleasant and make sure the food is fresh, and you'll be well on your way to success.

Fast Service

People who come to restaurants expect timely service. They don't want to wait an hour for their food. That's why fast service is a must in any modern restaurant. 
There are a few things you can do to ensure fast service. First, make sure your kitchen is well-staffed. Second, train your staff on the importance of speed. Third, use technology to your advantage. Fourth, keep the menu simple. Fifth, be efficient with table turnover. Sixth, have a good system for dealing with complaints. Seventh, make sure your guests are happy with their experience from start to finish."
Now that you know what guests want to see in a modern restaurant, put these tips into practice and watch your business thrive!

Healthy Food Options 

With people becoming more and more conscious about their health, they want to eat that way too. Some great healthy food options you must include on your menu are the following:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Healthy fats like olive oil
  • Protein-rich foods like legumes, tofu, fish, chicken, etc. 
  • Dairy alternatives
  • Sugar-free desserts

Healthy food options are not only great for your guests but also for your business as they will show that you are keeping up with the times. Not to mention, healthy food options are delicious and will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Digital Payment

Many people have stopped carrying cash and now rely on digital payment methods, like Apple Pay or Android Pay. If your restaurant doesn't offer digital payment, you're losing out on potential customers. Offering digital payment is a modern convenience that guests will appreciate. 
Giving them this opportunity will make their experience at your restaurant more enjoyable and likely to result in repeat business. Digital payment is just one of the many things guests want to see in a modern restaurant. 

Calming Interior Design 

A relaxed atmosphere is something everyone wants while eating, so it's important to set the mood with a calming interior design. This can be anything from using colors that are known to create a feeling of relaxation, to having soft lighting and furniture that promotes comfort. Creating an inviting space will help guests feel more at ease and encourage them to stay longer, which is good for business! 
Keep a minimalist approach in mind when it comes to calming interior design. You want guests to feel relaxed, not overwhelmed by their surroundings. Use a few key pieces of furniture and decor to create a serene space, and don't be afraid to let natural light in. 


Get some plants and put them in your restaurant. It will make the place feel more alive, and it will give your guests something to look at other than the menu. Plus, greenery is known to boost moods, so your guests will be in a better mood when they leave than when they came in.
Paint the walls green, hang some plants from the ceiling, and put some flowers on the tables. Your guests will appreciate the effort you made to make your restaurant feel like an oasis. And who knows, maybe they'll even come back again!

Running a restaurant isn't easy, but having a good restroom will surely get you better reviews. Make sure the waiters are pleasant and your staff is fast. Include healthy food and allow customers to pay digitally for their food. Make sure your interior design is calming and add greenery into the mix. These will make sure all your customers will come back!

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