6 Tips To Design Detached Garage of Your Dreams

Whether your adult children need a place to stay or your spouse requires a new home for their motorcycle or car, designing a new detached garage can provide much-needed storage or serve as a functional living space. If you’re feeling cramped and have a hankering for some extra space, you may consider building a detached garage.
With a spacious garage addition, you’ll gain ample square footage to store all of your beloved garage essentials like workbenches or floor-space-saving upright freezers. If you don’t already own an upright freezer, a quick search for “upright freezers for sale” can match you with the ideal chilly appliance for your space. That way, poolside hangouts are always accompanied by chilled beverages within walking distance.
Once you’ve decided you’re ready to break ground on your newest home improvement project, check out these tips for designing the detached garage of your dreams.
Identify your game plan
Identifying and solidifying the purpose of your detached garage is key to focusing on your vision and ensuring that the steps you take during the design process will help you achieve your desired result. Whether you hope to offer the space as a guest house or pack it to the brim with camping supplies, it’s essential to narrow down your options to avoid a cluttered or chaotic area. Prioritize considering the primary function of the space, and furnish accordingly.
Account for the aesthetic value 
While garage interiors may cause visions of dusty tool benches, grimy cement floors, and piles of recreational gear to dance in your head, you don’t have to sacrifice style when planning the design of your detached garage. Even if you plan to use the space for work or storage, plan out your aesthetic vision and strategy accordingly with stylish appliances, industrial lighting fixtures, or even an outdoor rug. Consider that the garage may impact your curb appeal, seeing that it will likely be visible from the street. Employ color and textural design that compliments the style of your home to avoid visual clashing.
Keep it simple
Garages are notorious for becoming the dumping grounds for a home’s knick-knacks, holiday decorations, half-broken items, and hardly-used tools. Start fresh and proactively prevent clutter by sorting through and throwing away unnecessary possessions before furnishing the space. Be realistic about what you do and don’t need. Your future self will thank you when it’s time for spring cleaning.
Employ proper storage 
Speaking of messy garages and cluttered work areas, utilizing practical and room-efficient storage will keep your garage in tip-top shape while offering your home the storage you and your family needs. Invest in stylish and sturdy cabinets, benches, and shelves that will provide ample opportunities to keep your space organized (for longer than a few weeks).
Keep climate in mind 
The design of a detached garage in sunny Miami should differ substantially from one in a part of the country that is vulnerable to snowstorms or colder weather. Prioritize easy driveway accessibility if you live in a state with harsh winters, and build with humidity-friendly materials if your summers are hot and muggy.
Prioritize building position
If you plan to access your garage frequently, ensure that it sits a convenient distance from your home. Allow for an easily accessible entryway and install sturdy stairs or doorways for safe entry. If you’re concerned about how the detached garage may appear next to your home, try to strategically angle the garage away from the street to minimize visibility.
Before you get started 
A suitable detached garage can significantly increase the value of your home and provide you and your family with much-needed storage, recreation space, or hosting room. With a thoughtful design approach, your new addition will have you and your family raising the roof.

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