6 Reasons to Hire Catamaran Charter in Greece

Vacations are an essential part of family bonding. They give the family the opportunity to explore together and provide a backdrop of shared memories. Yet, deciding where to go on vacation or what activities to undertake can be challenging. 

What comes to your mind when you imagine your ideal vacation? It is hardly chartering a catamaran in Greece. It seems like an expensive experience when compared to other activities, but that does not have to be the case. Catamarans offer unique features and spacious rooms that you will fall in love with. They are the epitome of a complete yacht vacation, and this article will go through six reasons why you need to hire a catamaran in Greece.  

1. Unmatched Comfort 

One of the first reasons you should go for a catamaran charter Greece is the level of comfort you will experience. Moving on, its vessel comes with two hulls instead of a single yacht hull. The boats are perfect if you are chartering for the first time as they offer lesser swaying, improving overall enjoyment. While in the catamaran, you do not have to fret about the safety of kids or other individuals onboard since it will not swap back and forth when the sea becomes precarious.  

Speaking of, catamarans have wider beams offering more living space, cabins, and common areas. Thus, it is ideal if you have a large family or when you go on vacation with a large group. You will enjoy the experience, whether with family or friends, without feeling overcrowded. Furthermore, there are lesser conflicts while cruising in a catamaran since you will not be packed closely for too long.  

Riding in a catamaran is an equivalent of a fairy tale. Besides comfort and safety, it eliminates seasickness, making the journey even more fun.  

2. It is Eco-Friendly 

Everyone is becoming eco-conscious with each passing day. It is expedient to always go for options that do not harm the environment. And with a catamaran, you can enjoy your vacation without environmental concerns.  

Catamarans are built to be more efficient. They come in an intelligent design that offers faster cruising with lower fuel consumption. Therefore, they produce fewer emissions than yachts, making them less environmentally harmful.  

The boats also have lesser direct effects on marine life. The two hulls play a vital part here, resulting in reduced wave-making. With fewer waves, there is minimal disturbance to sea life. This advantage will be useful if you hope for an underwater scene when diving or snorkeling. Booking a catamaran will allow you to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the open sea while still adhering to your ecological values.  

  1. They Are Faster

The maneuverability and speed of catamarans make them a preferred choice for sailing fans. They can also be your choice, and you can experience why the pros prefer them.  

Catamarans have a unique design that makes them faster. Also, the two hulls create a larger surface area for the boat to catch winds, allowing for swifter sailing even in mild winds. The vessels also have rudders and twin engines that make the sailing smoother and enable accurate control over the speed and direction of the vessel. These factors lead to high speeds while maintaining comfort and high control levels 

  1. You Enjoy an Active Sail 

Chartering a catamaran is one of the ways you can ensure you have an active vacation. Their entire concept and build ensure you participate in many activities, such as water sports. The deck is spacious enough to set up water toys and have fun in the sea. You can have anything on your caravan, from water skis to snorkeling equipment. Therefore, a catamaran is your ideal boat to have fun in the sea. 

  1. You Will Have a Unique Experience 

Experiencing a sail with a catamaran for the first time will leave you in awe and excitement as you will have an unforgettable experience. Besides the different sceneries and adventure, you will have a tremendous social opportunity with a catamaran. Bonding with family and friends will come naturally.  

You will enjoy delightful accommodations, spacious decks, and ideal environments for the whole family. The group can have lunch and drinks on board, surrounded by sea adventure and possibilities.  

  1. Greater Exploration 

Catamarans have greater access to hidden places, small coves, and shallow waters since they have a shallow draft. This is not the case if you sail a boat with a keel. A catamaran allows you to access new areas and get fresh perspectives of the sea's beauty.  


Spending time with your family should be about having memorable moments everyone will recall when you are apart. Imagine this: the sun setting on the horizon of the shimmering waters of any of Greece’s beautiful seas as you unwind with family or friends in the onboard sitting area. In moments like these, you should ensure everyone is there to escape the stress of their daily lives. The catamaran experience is a perfect way to make great memories and leave you feeling better as you go back to your working routine.  

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