6 Business Growth Tips for Construction Industry Leaders

When you’re running a construction business, driving sustainable growth is the key to your company’s long-term success. Reading up on notable industry trends with Commercial Construction & Renovation can help you tweak your business plan accordingly. Furthermore, here’s how to register for the right business structure, keep your website up-to-date, and enhance your processes with intelligent automation tools.

Re-evaluate Your Business Structure

As you prepare to grow your company, this is the perfect time to reconsider your business structure. For example, you might be interested in forming an LLC for the numerous benefits, including tax breaks, limited liability for your personal assets, and flexibility in your management structure.

You don’t need to invest in a lawyer’s services for this process, either - instead, you can submit your documents to an online formation service or file on your own. Keep in mind that each state has its own regulations around establishing an LLC, so read up on the local rules and requirements.

Polish Your Website

Perhaps it’s been a while since you updated your company website, and it’s looking quite out of date. In fact, some of the information displayed might be irrelevant or incorrect. It’s a good idea to re-assess your website periodically and add any new details that current and prospective clients might need to know.

If you’re aiming to handle the website redesign on your own, you’ll probably have to strengthen your coding skills first. You can check out educational coding resources online, like basic courses or boot camps, to pick up new pointers and refreshers. You’ll even get some opportunities to practice your skills.

Optimize Key Processes

As you grow your company, you’ll need to focus on eliminating inefficiencies so that your team can handle a larger workload without running into delays that harm project outcomes and reduce customer satisfaction. You can leverage an intelligent automation success platform to optimize your workflows and processes. These tools provide features for data integration, business intelligence, and process automation, which can utilize to slash costs, streamline your operations, and ultimately improve your company’s results.

Expand Your Team

In order to take on more projects, you’ll need more hands on deck. To hire trustworthy construction workers for your team, Buildertrend recommends implementing a streamlined recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding process, offering competitive compensation, and providing extensive on-the-job training.

Advance Your Marketing Efforts

You might be landing new clients through word-of-mouth, but investing in improving your marketing strategy will help your prospects, too! I Am Builders recommends promoting your business on social media, attracting clients with a free lead magnet, like an instructional video or ebook, and even hiring an estimating firm to handle an influx of client inquiries. This will free up valuable time on your end so that you can focus on executing projects.

Invest in New Equipment

Finally, you may need to allocate a portion of your budget for new tools and equipment as you take on new, bigger projects. Equipment purchases do represent a significant investment for your business, so you’ll need to research each purchase carefully to ensure that it’s worth the money. If you’re in need of heavy machinery, you may want to think about renting certain pieces of equipment before making a final purchase. Just make sure that the machine is in great condition before you begin work.

Growing your construction business takes sustained effort from your entire team. Implementing a growth strategy centered around realistic milestones can help you make progress without stretching yourself too thin. With these tips, you’ll be ready to take advantage of intelligent automation apps, choose the best business structure for your needs, and revamp your website.

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