5 Ways To Have An Injury-Free Construction Site

Construction sites present more dangers to workers compared to other workplaces. Employees in a building area face the risk of falling from great heights and health complications caused by hazardous chemicals and gases they work with. Other potential dangers are loud noises, vibrations, injuries from sharp and moving objects, and accidents from heavy machinery, to mention a few.
To ensure safety for all persons in a worksite, everyone has a significant role to play. However, the responsibility lies heavily on the shoulders of management. It’s because your employees have the right to sue your company for any damages or losses in case of work-related injuries. Since the potential for accidents within such a workplace is higher, your firm is more likely to get into a court battle more often than other companies outside your industry.
Therefore, by not prioritizing safety, you stand to lose so much as a company. Financial loss isn’t the only risk you’ll encounter in case of a lawsuit. You could also lose excellent workers in the event of an accident. As a result, your output and profits could be affected too.
Safety Measures For A Construction Site
Safety doesn’t have to take a higher portion of your budget. Managers can take simple and low-cost measures to ensure everyone is safe within the workplace. You can research through the internet to find some effective steps you could take.
Look through websites that have published a guide on construction site safeness and compile a report from the several sources you find. Alternatively, you could visit the top-ranked companies recognized for their exceptional dedication to safety in their workstations for benchmarking.
Establishing strategies that warrant the welfare of artisans can be quite beneficial for a construction company. Having these policies guarantees that accidents are reduced, so the output isn’t highly affected. Some of the steps you could take toward ensuring an injury-free workplace include:

  1. Use Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPEs) should be available to all construction site workers and the project heads. Accidents are unpredictable and anyone could step on a sharp object or lose balance as they conduct their duties. To reduce the likelihood of injuries on the site, provide construction PPEs such as gas masks, gloves, hard hats, fall arrest systems, and others.
Also, as you conduct the daily toolbox meetings, ensure you check that everyone has their PPEs as a precautionary safety measure.

  1. Have A Safety Committee

Within your team of employees, you can select few individuals to be welfare champions in the workplace. These members should have efficient knowledge of the practices that enhance safety within the work area. Additionally, they should also be aware of the present and future risks that may be encountered as the project progresses.
Such a team can be quite efficient, especially in the absence of the management, the site supervisor, or the foreman. Also, most workers are more open to fellow employees than the project heads. Therefore, the committee can help you get more insights into the factors that threaten employees’ safety, which other artisans may be afraid to speak about to the management team.

  1. Conduct Daily Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox meetings are held to inform workers of any dangers present in the building area and the safety precautions to be taken as the project progresses. Having such a talk every morning can be very beneficial. It helps to remind your employees of all the potential dangers in the worksite and the essential preventive measures to consider.
Also, as the project advances, new risks develop. Therefore, daily toolbox meetings will help the artisans recognize the current dangers and ensure that they keep them in mind as the day goes by.

  1. Hire Skilled Workers

You need to hire skilled workers as a safety strategy. They’ll not only produce high-quality work but are also less likely to cause accidents around the site. This is because they're well trained in their profession and possess efficient skills in workplace safety.
While recruiting a workforce, you’ll likely need unskilled staff as well. Thus, first, ensure you have experts in sensitive areas like machinery operation and others. Then you can now assign less risky tasks like cleaning and workplace assistance to the untrained hands.

  1. Introduce Shifts And Flexible Working Hours

Lengthy working hours will cause fatigue to workers. As a result, an employee will be less attentive, and therefore, the probability of an accident occurring is much higher. To counter this, make sure the artisans report to work in flexible shifts. This will ensure each individual comes in well-energized to take on their day’s tasks.
Introducing breaks can also be an efficient safety measure. The recess periods will help your staff reduce mental and physical fatigue. As they reset, allow them to take healthy fluids and snacks to regain the lost energy, motivation, and focus.
Safety policies are essential in any construction site. As a project head, you have to make sure there are strategies in place, guaranteeing a safer work environment for all workers. To ensure the building area is injury-free, recruit professional individuals, provide PPEs, and hold daily safety meetings. Additionally, introduce a safety committee, allow breaks between the day and schedule flexible working hours for each artisan.

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