5 Things Every Building Needs To Have

It can be stressful creating a new house or building. While you may have the perfect blueprint in your head, actually making it a functional space can be challenging. Not only do you have to worry about construction costs, you also have to think about the time it will take to complete. The feasibility of the project all comes down to what you put into it. That said, there are five things that every building must have to attract buyers. These items are important for the safety of the building and the people who will live or work there. These five items are also commonly checked during an inspection, so addressing these items before any inspection will save you time and money in the long run. 
The first concern when it comes to buyers is typically ensuring there is power. Power is essential whether you are building a home or an office building. To ensure the safety of the electrical in the building, you need to install an electric breaker. This is where the building owner will control the electrical features in their home or building. If a storm wipes out the power or if a new appliance trips the breaker, the owner of the building will be able to go to the breaker and figure out the problem. All buildings with electricity must have an electrical breaker.  
The next thing a home or building inspector will look at is the walls. Both the interior and exterior walls need to be in top shape before selling a building. Leaks and cracks are the main problem seen on interior and exterior walls. To make sure your building has no leaks, look for any bubbling in the paint or any stained areas on the walls. Staining typically occurs when there is liquid moving between the paint and the drywall. In most cases, leaks can be easily fixed but must be fixed quickly. If you live in a particularly moist area be sure to seal off basements and bathrooms properly. Areas that typically get and stay moist can attract mold. Black mold is extremely toxic and a building that tests positive for black mold must be properly treated. 
If your property does have a leak, a common cause is the exterior drainage system. When adding new plants, shrubs, and watering systems you have to think about where that water will drain. A sloped property, where water is continually draining into the foundation, can cause major issues in the future. A building inspector is likely to point out this problem and you will have to fix it before selling your building. Curb appeal is an important part when it comes to attracting buyers but it has to be done safely. Trees are a great option when it comes to soaking up extra water in the ground, but if you plan to use a tree you have to consider the tree's roots. If a root system gets under a building foundation it can cause massive damage. 
Exit Points 
According to fire safety codes, you must provide several exits from a building in case of fire. Another increasingly common emergency in professional buildings is an active shooter. By providing windows and doors that can fully open, you are providing multiple exit possibilities in case of emergency. By law, you must have at least two exit routes in a building. However, a building must provide multiple ways for a person to exit the building in case those routes are blocked.  
Similar to walls, flooring is another very important part of any building and inspection. Flooring should be sturdy, flat, and level. When leaks come in through the floor, floorboards can warp and rot. Potential buyers need to feel secure that their building's floor will stay put. Level floors are important because it tells buyers that you made sure to smooth the dirt under the building prior to construction. 
Building a new house or work complex can be challenging. Many safety protocols must be met to ensure the building is safe for future inhabitants. However, the payoff of a properly built structure is worth it.  

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