5 Questions To Ask An Attorney For Your Construction Site Accident

5 Questions To Ask An Attorney For Your Construction Site Accident

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Working in the construction industry can be challenging and risky. Workers are exposed to handling heavy machinery and dangerous equipment daily. They also work at great heights, which inherently increases the risk of accidents within the job site.   

Because construction work is hazardous, lawyers are highly needed to help sort out legalities and associated claims. Your chances of successfully negotiating a workplace injury claim improve when you hire a personal injury attorney.   

Getting an attorney for construction site accidents takes a lot of work. If you need to hire one, you must get to know lawyers like the ones at Gibson Hill Personal Injury to help you handle your construction injuries and understand the complexities of your claims.   

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to find a lawyer who can best represent you. And you can start by asking them the following questions:   

  • How Long Have You Been Practicing As A Construction Lawyer?  

If you’re getting an attorney from a law firm, you need to clarify whether the lawyer has knowledge and experience handling construction-related cases. Lawyers, just like doctors, have specializations, so it’s essential to ask about the length of experience they have in a particular industry.  

The ideal legal representative with enough experience would be suitable since they’ll be well-versed in the specifics of construction accident cases and how to handle them. They’ll typically possess a broader range of expertise than lawyers who have yet to work on similar cases.  

  • Have You Previously Dealt With Cases Like Mine Involving Construction Accidents?  

Knowing if an attorney has experience with cases like yours is also critical. This gives you confidence that they can plan the best strategies to give you the best outcome. 

Furthermore, your chosen attorney should be familiar with the nuances of your case, the types of damages involved, and the typical settlement amounts received by victims in similar circumstances. Their background is important because it will help you gain the upper hand.  

  • Do You Have Expertise With Both Out-of-Court Settlements And Trials?  

Another important question to ask a lawyer is their ability to handle out-of-court settlements. With this skill, you can avoid going to court, which can be time-consuming and stressful.  

In personal injury cases, out-of-court settlements are often made before the lawyer’s appearance before a judge or jury. Therefore, you need to find a good lawyer who has experience in negotiations and can ensure that you receive or provide (whichever the case may be) fair compensation for injuries sustained.  

Construction accidents can result in complications in your claim filing due to the circumstances surrounding the accident. A lawyer with experience in out-of-court negotiations and trials can increase your chances of winning.  

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  • Can You Give Me An Assessment Of My Case?  

It would be good to ask an attorney for an initial assessment of your case to help you better understand your prospects for success based on your case’s strengths. Furthermore, it will help you determine the options available to you. Through this, you’ll be able to gauge and assess whether the attorney is skilled enough to handle your case.   

  • How Much Is The Fee Agreement?  

When looking for a lawyer, this should be one of the first questions to ask before moving on to inquiries about knowledge and experience. If you first ask about the fees, you can save time and effort because you can move on and look for other options if their fees are out of your price range.  

Law firms may obtain payment from their clients in several ways. Some may ask to be paid hourly, while others require a fixed amount. There’s also a contingency fee, which may not be as common in commercial law cases as in other types of lawsuits.  

Don’t be afraid to inquire about certain details such as:  

  • The total amount you must pay  
  • The payment system they use  
  • The factors that could influence the overall costs  

Ensure you request a copy of the agreement so you can review it.  


No matter how careful you may be to maintain safety in a construction environment, accidents are still bound to happen. And if they occur, you must have a skilled attorney.   

Choosing the right lawyer for your construction accident case requires asking the right questions. Meeting with multiple attorneys before deciding which is best for you is also essential. And no matter how experienced and knowledgeable a lawyer is, you should still consider their character. You can work well with them if they’re accommodating and friendly.  

So, before meeting with a construction accident lawyer, take the time to write down your concerns and the critical questions mentioned in this article.

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