5 Commercial Real Estate 2022 Strategy Tips

Building a new condo development or commercial high-rise building? In today’s competitive real estate market, you need a solid promotional plan in place to sell those units as soon as they are ready to hit the market. But how do you do that? In this article, we will share five of the most effective real estate marketing tips that will give developers the exposure they need to see a profit early on their latest property project.
A Website
We’re not talking about a website for your property development company because you should already have one of those. Instead, we are suggesting launching a brand new website that features just the new building project. If it is an apartment complex, a condo development, a commercial building, or a mixture of commercial retail and residential, you will want to create a buzz about the project long before construction ends. On the website, you can feature conceptual drawings, computer-generated views of suite and space interiors, and so much more. When the time comes for an open house of a show unit, your website will already be in place pulling traffic. Plus, an active website for the specific project gives you a place to send people who are seeking further information on this development or are following the progress leading up to hiring you for their project.
The Location
One key factor is the effective marketing of a new development is where it is located. This is one consideration that will have a direct impact on the price you can ask per unit. For example, buildings located in a downtown core where most services and other amenities are nearby will be worth considerably more than structures that sit on the outskirts of a community with little or no special services conveniently close. Next, you should focus on what is within a short walk of the building development and promote these things as amenities. Close to schools, a restaurant, or a shopping district all attract different types of buyers. By tapping into what the immediate area around the building has to offer, you can package that with your development and use those features to make buying a unit in your project far more attractive and beneficial. By targeting certain demographics, you can focus on the particular needs of each and how they are met.
Building Amenities
We’ve talked about things outside of your development worth promoting, but the next phase is to look closer inside the building. Here is where you get to market the benefits of owning a condo or commercial space within the four walls of your project. This can be many different things ranging from an outdoor or indoor pool, a gym, the open layout of each unit, the views, and anything else that will attract buyers. The types of appliances, the cost-effective heating, and air conditioning. The solar panels on the roof from Dayton Ohio commercial roofing that generate power to operate the elevators and other infrastructure.  The floor-to-ceiling windows, the size of the wrap-around balconies, and so on. Find the best things about living and working within your building and use those as building blocks to market the advantages of owning space within your newest development. This also provides you with a way to target specific types of buyers by emphasizing certain amenities over others.
A Blog
Really, a blog? Yes, a blog. Here’s why you should seriously consider adding a blog to your new website that was launched to promote your newest commercial building project. A blog gives you a lot of lateral space to talk about the project. You can keep interested buyers up-to-date with regular blog posts explaining the process, including photos of progress, and promoting such things as open houses and other important opportunities for potential investors to find out more. What makes blogging most effective is that during the project, if you blog regularly, you form a bond with followers. They begin to trust you and turn to you for the information you are providing. Plus, with a blog, you can be casual in your approach, which makes you and your development company appear approachable which may lead to future work. And who is going to turn down additional building projects if they come your way, right? 
An SEO Strategy
SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially several tricks you can employ with your website to make it attract more traffic. More traffic to your website translates to more people seeing what you are promoting. Since you now have a new website for your latest project, and you’ve made sure to promote the location, the building amenities, and are publishing a regular blog about the project, how do you get people to see all of this? It is with SEO. A lot of these tricks you can do yourself and range from such things as proper keyword usage, meta descriptions, ensuring your website is fully mobilized, and that you keep adding new, relevant content. Mobilizing your website ensures that users will be able to access and read whatever you have published on any internet-enabled device. With smartphone use continuing to climb, you want to reach these people with your website. Mobilizing it won’t eliminate this important segment of internet users.
Final Thoughts
It is not so difficult to market a new commercial development if you know how to do it. While traditional marketing tools such as newspapers, flyers, radio, television, and billboards are still effective, nothing reaches as far and wide as digital marketing. It means putting your message essentially in the hands of potential buyers while they are online. You do this with a website that is fully mobilized and contains content that highlights the features and benefits of your project. It may sound like a lot of extra work, but once you get the website up and running, the hard part is done and all you need to do is focus on keeping it current and interesting. With search engines indexing your website, it will start to appear in searches and rank better over time which brings more visitors to your site.
Marina Turea works as content manager at Digital Authority Partners, a San Diego-based digital marketing and website development agency.

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