5 Benefits of Band Saw Every Woodworker Must Know

To carve the wood into various shapes and forms, woodworkers need a wide range of skills and tools. Even while typical table saws can cut wood in straight lines, there are instances when you need to cut it into curves and thinner pieces. A bandsaw is useful at that point. 
 A bandsaw is a multipurpose tool used for cutting curves when more precision is necessary. Every skilled contractor and woodworker own this instrument. 
Despite the fact that there are a ton of useful bandsaw reviews online, many people are unaware of all the different applications for a bandsaw. Therefore, these 5 bandsaw advantages must be known by every contractor and woodworker. 

  1. Improved accuracy and accelerated work 

When it comes to cutting, a band saw is far quicker than a jigsaw. Additionally, it provides better sight, allowing for more precise and finer cuts. It also offers superior protection against cuts and wounds. 
The curves aren't usually at a perfect angle since scroll saw or jigsaw blades frequently start to wander when cutting. i.e., 90°. A bandsaw, on the other hand, enables you to make straighter slices through heavier timber. 
2. Less sawdust due to smaller kerf 
The blade of a bandsaw is smaller and thinner than those of other saws, such as a table saw or chainsaw. It denotes a significantly reduced cut or kerf thickness. 
Less sawdust and less waste material are produced by the lower kerf. In addition, bandsaws allow for resawing. The larger lumber can be resawn into several narrower boards. The bandsaw is well known for allowing resawing and lowering costs by minimizing waste all in one. 
3. Higher safety 
The simplicity of usage that bandsaws provide is well recognized. Since the bandsaw blade cuts downward, the impact it exerts on the wood during cutting is minimal. 
The wood planks also maintain their stability while being sliced on the table. The risk of a kickback, which often occurs when you cut the wood, is much decreased. Because of this, using a bandsaw is significantly safer than using other types of saws, and the risk of injuries is also reduced. 
If you are still concerned about your safety, bandsaw for sale online provide extra safety measures that various models and brands of bandsaws provide. 
4. Superior finish 
The bandsaw has narrower blades, as was already mentioned. The bandsaw delivers a higher finish as opposed to other saws that leave rough edges after cutting. 
Additional features like dual-bearing blades, laser pointers, and blade tracking can significantly enhance the finished product that the polish is better and that the cuts are exact. 
5. Additional features 
Despite the fact that all bandsaws are ideal for woodworking, several extra characteristics raise the machine's performance, safety, and precision. 
A tracking window, storage units, a bigger cutting table, etc. are among the extra features that certain band saw models provide. Other features include work lights, strong stands for secure placement, storage units, and so on. With the aid of these features, you may do your task more quickly and accurately. 
There are several versions available to you in various power and pricing ranges. You may choose a bandsaw model that meets your woodworking requirements and is affordable. 

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