4 Valuable Tips to Design Your Beauty Salon

So, you’ve spent years building your career as a successful beauty professional. Launching a beauty salon seems like the logical next step to grow your clientele and earn more revenue. With the beauty industry projected to be worth $716 billion by 2025, it’s the best time to take the plunge.

Why Launch a Beauty Salon?

Besides fast-forwarding your career and building a loyal customer base, starting a beauty salon is also an excellent way to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. You can turn it into a flourishing and profitable business.
If you’re skeptical about building a salon from scratch, you can explore other options, such as the Blow Dry Bar Franchise too. With the Blow Dry Bar Franchise, you don’t have to worry about building your brand and creating a business model. Instead, you can use the existing brand’s authority and reputation to jumpstart your business. 

Designing Your Salon: 5 Key Tips

Whether you’re starting a new salon or taking a franchise, your venture’s success depends on design and aesthetics. The look and feel of your salon play a key role in impressing clients even before they avail themselves of your services. Also, they’re an integral part of the overall customer experience.
Of course, the final design of your salon will depend on the type of services you’re offering. But you can follow a few universal principles to enhance its visual appeal and retain your customers
Here are a few useful tips you should use while designing your beauty salon:

1. Get the Necessary Permits

You've already obtained a cosmetology license if you’re a practicing beauty professional. But when you’re starting a new salon, you’ll need additional permits, including a business license and building permits.
Check the local, state, and federal laws to understand whether you need additional licenses and permits before starting your business. Also, you’ll need to comply with basic hygiene and sanitation regulations.
Similarly, you’ll need to check and comply with OSHA safety standards for cosmetology. Make sure you have a deep understanding of these regulations before designing your salon.

2. Jazz Up the Waiting Area

As a first-time salon owner, you’ll tend to focus on the main work area where all the action will happen. But keep in mind that clients will spend plenty of time in the waiting room during busy hours. Also, it’ll likely be their first brush your salon and set the tone for their experience.
That emphasizes the importance of designing a stellar waiting area that looks attractive and feels comfortable. Simple additions, such as a couch, chairs, or bean bags, will help clients relax while they wait for their turn. Round things up with a dainty coffee table that displays an assortment of beauty magazines.
Make sure the aesthetics of the waiting area blend with the overall theme of your salon. While you’re at it, decorate the reception/billing counter with a swanky display of beauty products.

3. Pay Attention to Lighting

With a beauty salon, your end goal should be to provide customers with a comfortable and relaxed experience. Lighting plays a key role in creating a peaceful and welcoming ambiance. Use warm-toned lamps and pendant lights in the waiting area to create a homely atmosphere.
Illuminate the work area with a variety of lighting equipment, including spotlights and lamps. Overhead lighting is a great choice for the hair wash and drying section. Also, make sure you use diffused lighting in the haircut and styling section to prevent the formation of stark shadows.

4. Keep an Eye on the Details

Simple touches, such as lighting up an aroma diffuser in the waiting area or placing a flower vase at the reception, can go a long way to make your salon more attractive. You can even add a few indoor plants to enhance the visual appeal. If you’re displaying flowers, avoid using fresh ones as they could amplify recurring costs.
While you’re at it, take a closer look at the walls and fill empty spaces with paintings, photographs, and other artwork. Make sure the wall decor is in sync with the overall vibe of your salon.
With these simple tips, you’re all set to start designing the beauty salon of your dreams and take your career to the next level. Feel free to add a few signature touches based on your niche and clientele.

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