11 Affordable Countertop Materials

With every kitchen remodel comes a budget. While remodeling your kitchen can be exciting and life-changing, most people have a strict budget that they want to stick to.
Countertops are one of the most important materials for your kitchen because they will see all of your daily activities. Countertops should be functional and durable while also looking stylish to fit your décor needs.
There are some terrific choices for counters that won’t break the bank. Each comes with its own pros and cons.

Butcher Block

This wooden material is a great choice if your kitchen has a rustic or farmhouse theme. The design is modern but also has an antique feeling. Usually, various strips of wood are used and then put together into a slab.
The downside is that these counters will need a lot of care. They need to be oiled every few months. They can also stain easier than other materials, so spills may need to be cleaned up right away with special materials.


Laminate is an old-school option that is one of the cheapest choices. More homes have laminate than you may think, despite it being a material that has been around for decades. Laminate can be dented and scratched pretty easy though.
Be careful with any hot pans or heavy pots. Keep in mind that some damage to the laminate cannot be repaired, so a whole new section of the counter may have to be replaced.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are by far the cheapest option because the material is cheap, and it can be DIY. It can also be really fun because tiles come in a variety of colors and designs.
With the cheap prices, there are some real downsides. Ceramic can be stained easy leaving permanent marks on your counters. Burn marks can also be left behind if trivets are not used. Remember to keep the grout lines extremely clean or mold and bacteria could build up and affect your health.


Granite is one of the most used materials for counters as there are many benefits. Many people also use granite for backsplashes and bathroom countertops as well as for the kitchen. The colors and designs are endless when it comes to granite.
Granite is also heat and stain-resistant. So, you can move around your kitchen freely and with ease. Granite will need to be resealed every few years though. If this process is not done every so often, your counters can begin to lose their resistance qualities.


This is the top choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly material. They are beautiful and provide extra warmth to any condition. Due to high maintenance, some people only choose to use bamboo for the kitchen island rather than all the counter space.
Bamboo can be scratched very easy so special cutting mats should always be used.


You may be surprised that marble is on the list as it is usually considered to be very expensive. While it is one of the higher-end options, it is cheaper than you think. Usually $40-$100 per square foot.
Marble is pretty durable, but it can be chipped and dented if you are not careful. It can be solid or have veining in it for a better design. With the proper care, marble can last forever. It is also modern and sophisticated which can give your kitchen a highly luxurious feel.


For many reasons, quartz is probably the best choice you can make for your kitchen. It is much more durable than natural stone because it is engineered. It is also environmentally friendly, like bamboo.
Quartz is scratch, dent, heat, and stain-resistant. Cooking and cleaning with quartz countertops is extremely easy. It is also nonporous so mold, mildew, and bacteria cannot live around quartz. It can be cleaned easily with no need for special cleaners.
Unlike granite, quartz does not to be resealed. It also does not have to be oiled like wooden countertops. Quartz comes in all different colors and designs. If you go for a more basic color or simple design, quartz can be pretty affordable.
The low maintenance qualities of quartz also mean you won’t have to spend any additional money in the future because the damage is virtually impossible. This article can tell you more about all the amazing features of quartz and help you pick the best design for your kitchen.

Recycled Glass

This material is currently very trendy because it gives off a fun and friendly vibe. Recycled glass may be a good option if you are looking for a festive option for countertops or if you entertain often.
Bits of glass are mixed with cement and other binders. The only problem is that they can be chipped pretty easily. You will have to be careful cutting and using heavy objects.


Soapstone can be one of the most luxurious options. It is soft and comes in many design options. Keep in mind that soapstone can darken over time so choose a lighter color than the one you really want.
The stone will have to be treated with mineral oil or it will lose its durable qualities.

Paint the old counters

This is the cheapest option but not the most durable. It can also only work if you currently have laminate or a solid surface counter. Stone and wood cannot be painted over.
Make sure to use a primer and sealer or the paint will begin to peel and look very unsightly.


Slate is often pretty dark so it will not add warmth to your kitchen. However, slate can be very beautiful and modern. They are heat resistant and stain resistant but resistant to dents or stains.
Slates come in many different levels with the higher end slate being unaffordable for most people.

Key Takeaways

All in all, there are several options for countertops on a budget. The most solid choice is always quartz because it is nonporous and resistant to staining, denting, and scratching.

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