World’s 9 Most Expensive Construction Projects

World’s 9 Most Expensive Construction Projects

The Channel Tunnel - $22.4 billion

Privately financed by fifteen French and British companies; the underground Channel Tunnel stretched cost a whopping $22.4 billion to build. The system stretches 31.4 miles between the northern coast of France and the southern coast of England and features three tunnels. Two tunnels are for passenger and freight traffic, while the other is for security purposes.
The huge cost of the project actually exceeded initial expectations by 80% due to escalating demands for security, safety and environmental measures. Building for the tunnel began in 1988, and the tunnels officially began operating less than 10 years later in 1994.
The Big Dig - $23.1 billion

One of the most expensive highway projects in America, known as ‘The Big Dig’ consisted of construction to reroute some of the major highways in Boston and surrounding areas. This project suffered huge delays, leaks, design implications, cost overruns, criminal arrests and even; one tragic death.
Planning for the project began in 1982, and the construction work went on between 1991 and 2006. It was supposed to have been completed ten years prior to the actual project completion date of December 31st 1007, and cost millions over the originally expected amount.
Kansai International Airport - $29 billion

Kansai International Airport cost a mighty $29 billion to make and is located in Japan’s second largest city; Osaka. During the 1960s, city officials were concerned about losing important trade to Tokyo, and therefore came up with the concept of the new airport and begin to put a plan in place.
The airport is actually built in water and rests on a man-made island, allowing it to resist tidal waves, avoid noise complaints, and withstand earthquakes. Not only was the airport built in order to dodge these potential hazards, but it has since successfully done so, withstanding both earthquakes and typhoons; impressive!
Some of the reasoning behind the heavy price tag this project holds, is due to the specific construction and structural design elements that went in to building the airport. Metal support columns were required along with other special structural pieces to prevent the building from sinking.
California High Speed Rail - $33 billion

The California High Speed Rail work commenced in 2015, with the first phase set to be completed by 2019. The project has already exceeded the original budget and has been predicted to reach $98.5 billion once completed!
The idea behind the rail system, is to connect major US cities by high-speed rail for the ultimate convenience, with the first phase set to run between Bakersfield and Madera. It will eventually stretch between San Francisco and Los Angeles boasting rails that can support up to 220mph speeds!
Dubailand - $76 billion

Dubailand is an impressive entertainment complex being built in Dubai, that when announced in 2003, was dubbed one of the most ambitious leisure developments ever proposed in the world! The project still remains incomplete and has already become one of the most expensive construction projects to date.
The initial concept behind Dubailand, was to create an unbeatable leisure and entertainment facility that was tailored towards and attracted families. There are plans for a Disney theme park and some of the design elements are based on Arabian Folklore.Construction on Dubailand was paused in 2008 due to financial crisis, but later resumed in 2013. It is hopefully set to open before 2020.
King Abdullah Economic City - $95 billion

King Abdullah Economic City is a project that is being built by real estate group Emaar Properties who are known for building the world’s tallest building; Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
The Saudi Arabian city is located over an hour away from Mecca, and construction is set to be completed by 2020, although only 15% of the project had been completed in 2015.
The city is named after the late King Abdullah, and plans to be a new tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia, that will house over 2 million residents and be bigger than Washington D.C! It will consist of luxury villas, five star hotels, a huge airport as well as presitgious universities and a number of high-class neighbourhoods.
Kashagan Fields - $116 billion

Kashagan Fields was located as a result of the largest oil discovery of the past 40 years. Commercial production began in September 2013 in which man-made islands were built in the Caspian Sea. There have however, been delays and issues during the construction project such as leaks as well as the general risk of working in such a dangerous environment.
The operation began in 2017 with aims to produce over 90,000 barrels of oil per day. The estimated production yield is set to total 13 billion barrels of retrievable oil.
The International Space Station - $155 billion

The International Space Station was built in 1994 on Earth, and assembled in space allowing scientists to conduct groundbreaking experiments in physics, biology and astronomy. Fourteen countries worked together to complete this particular project, and it’s no surprise that it remains one of the most expensive construction projects to date.
The main station was not inhabited until two years into the construction phase, when the Russian module Zvezda was added containing sleeping quarters as well as pressurising equipment.
The Interstate Highway System America - $459 billion

The most expensive construction project to date, is the impressive Interstate Highway System in America. Designed to convert old routes and create new ones to serve as ‘interstates’, this system covers 47,000 miles and took nearly 35 years to complete.
This project began in 1955 after President Dwidgt D. Eisenhower believed the project would be beneficial for national defence, and would also help mobilise infantry in an emergency. It cost the taxpayer a massive $459 billion, however serves its purpose of providing improved travel and accessible routes that would be crucial for military in case of war.
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