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Why office Design matters- HBS working knowledge

Why office Design matters- HBS working knowledge

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Humans spend about one-third of their lives at work; this proves that your work environment must be Well-designed, comfortable, and serene to improve your productivity. However,  an office is more than a working environment. It’s the face of the company, firm, and business entity. Let’s take a look at this- What is the first thing a potential customer notices when entering your workplace?  Your customer will look around the office, checking the furniture, organization, cleanliness, and artwork. Your office design informs the customer what quality of services to expect from you; hence a good office outlook gives them confidence. Also, employees need a favorable working environment, comfortable, free from noise and distractions.

1. It motivates employees to come to work ready to achieve.

You want your employees to come to work every day? Create a good office design for them, and this will motivate them to go to work daily because they will never get tired of the office environment. A poorly aerated, dimly lit, and noisy office does not bring the best out of your employees. Natural light makes us feel good. Research shows that employees in naturally lit offices are more productive than those in poorly lit rooms. A right office environment reduces employee sickness frequency, i.e., the spread of germs in the office is curtailed.

2. Promotes collaboration at the workplace

Your office environment should facilitate collaboration among colleagues. This will build your employees’ team spirit and creativity through sharing ideas, thus improving their productivity. How do you create such an environment? Put thought into your furniture arrangement, have sufficient meeting spaces, and facilitate easy access to technology tools that encourage employees to talk and interact.

3. Your office showcases your company values and objective

The office is the face of the company or business. Does your company support local communities? Showcase the artifacts you have bought in the locality. Does your firm support environmental protection? Have some indoor green plants. Do you support working parents? Have some kid-friendly areas in the office. The office shows what a firm or business stands for.

4. A good design facilitates employees concentration

In a good office environment, employees can concentrate and focus when doing work. Thinking, writing, programming, and designing require a quiet environment free from distraction to ensure quality work. The office should be noise-free, well-spaced, and traffic should be able to flow evenly.

5. It creates workplace well-being

You can create an enabling environment in your office to encourage employees towards making healthier choices for themselves. You can encourage employees’ movement by fitting the office with adjustable seats to move around the office freely. It is essential to have a quiet place where employees can have a break and relax for a few minutes. You can build a green environment outside the office, with some chairs installed to encourage employees to take walks outside and breathe fresh air. Many successful companies invest heavily in the well being and health of their employees.

6. A good design will reduce the cost of running the office, i.e., electricity bills.

A good office design will reduce the cost of utility bills. Are you still replacing office light bulbs? There are modern office lighting methods that will reduce your expense. The office can have large windows strategically placed to allow maximum sunlight penetration. If the office becomes well lit, you can turn off the electricity to reduce the bill. If your office has excess space, some of it can be utilized for renting out. Are you looking for a reliable makeover for your workspace? Contact Office Furniture Warehouse to help you create a conducive workplace.



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