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Why Install Stairlifts in Your Home?

Why Install Stairlifts in Your Home?

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For seniors and people with limited mobility, the stairs are some of the most difficult areas to navigate. They can easily become a daily hassle, and many may opt to just avoid them altogether. Luckily, installing stairlifts in your home offers a practical, cost-effective solution for those with age-related mobility problems or physical injuries.

Stairlifts, also known as chairlifts, are motorised solutions that glide up and down a staircase. They join homelifts, stair climbers, step lifts, and through-floor lifts as solutions to help people with mobility problems climb up and down stairs. Stairlifts are typically mounted on the stair treads and can be installed indoors and outdoors depending on the need.

Although stairlifts are commonly used by people with limited mobility who are unable to safely use the stairs at home, most users can sit, stand, and pivot with little or no assistance. But how can you tell if a stairlift is the right solution for you or your loved one? Read on to find out.

What are the most common use cases for stair lifts?

Stair lifts are a welcome home safety solution for many situations, such as the ones listed below:

  • A patient recovering at home who can walk on flat surfaces but is unable to use the stairs.
  • A procedure or surgery that makes it difficult for the patient to reach a bedroom located up a flight of stairs.
  • An elderly person living in a multi-level home who is gradually finding it difficult to use the stairs due to a medical issue.

A wheelchair user who can safely transfer themselves laterally

In all of these situations, a stair lift is a great option. Keep in mind that the weight and size of the average stairlift user are not an issue, though there are heavy-duty models where needed. Installing a stair lift lets you and your loved one continue enjoying the home you love, without worrying too much about the risk of serious injury from falling down the stairs.

Why install stairlifts in your home?

A safer way to use the stairs

Stairs can be dangerous for people with physical challenges. A minor misstep could lead to a serious injury that may take weeks or months to recover from. A stair lift provides a much safer way to navigate stairs in a home.

Stairlifts come with a secure seat and safety features such as footrest sensors and seat belts to ensure a comfortable ride up and down. Most of them also come with backup batteries, so you don’t have to worry about power outages.

Lets you stay at home

Many people love their homes and would prefer to stay there despite their physical challenges. Stairlifts essentially let you get around the house easily, without needing help from anyone. Most stairlifts are easy to use and operate. All you have to do is get on the stairlift, buckle yourself up, and get going. With them, you can get to the next floor in a matter of seconds.

Plus, they can be installed on existing staircases by professionals such as, no matter the design. This makes them a great choice for those who want to maintain their freedom and quality of life.

They are affordable

Compared to most other alternatives, stairlifts from reputable companies such as Irish Stairlifts are quite affordable. People with limited mobility may find themselves considering selling their home to downsize or move into an assisted living facility while others consider hiring someone to help them move around. These options are expensive, to say the least.

Installing a stairlift is a lot more practical and affordable in most cases. Plus, it lets you enjoy the comfort of your home while making it hassle-free to move up and down the stairs. You can save yourself a lot of pain and money by just installing a stairlift.

Stairlifts are super comfortable

Most people describe them as smooth and comfortable. Some models come with extra cushioning to make sure that each ride is comfortable. They can also be customised to suit your needs and make your life easier. Whether you need a power-folding or manual rail, a custom seat fabric, power-folding footrests, a powered swivel seat, or anything else, the stair lift can be customised to your liking.

Closing thoughts

Stairlifts can make life a lot easier for seniors and people with mobility issues. If you do decide stairlifts in your home are the best option, consider visiting a local showroom to test out different models. This way, you can confirm that the stairlift you choose is the right option for you.


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