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Why hotels should add pops of color to their bedding

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Why hotels should add pops of color to their bedding

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When staying at the majority of hotels, one thing you can’t avoid is the use of just white linens.

But what exactly is in a white color?

An all-white hotel bed was not a common sight before the 1990s. Numerous hotels employed colorful bedding that was simple to keep clean. However, there was no going back after the “trial test,” as Wetin inventors named it, who researched what white linens meant to their guests. White linen is the easiest to stain, so utilizing all-white hotel bedding including hotel comforters might initially appear a little silly. But it also makes sense for the reason and worked best as a marketing strategy. White linens provide guests reassurance that the bed is tidy and inviting. Even though the hotel itself is inexpensive, they also offer the appearance of luxury because they look and feel so clean. The all-white bedding created a halo effect. Guests mistakenly believed the room had undergone renovations, however all that had changed was the mattress.

According to Laura McKoy, the Vice President of Interior Design of Omni Hotels & Resorts and Creative Director, “Guests anticipate that their hotel bed will be of an equivalent or higher standard than their one at home. All of our hotel rooms have white linens because they give them a crisp, clean, and new sense, ” she explains.

The all-white bed has been the norm in hotels of all types, but as designers and hoteliers use color as a signature element or a touchpoint for the guest experience, color accents are encroaching on the realm of bedding. However, deviating from the norm can be logistically difficult.

What’s in a color?

The color of the bed linens may appear unimportant in comparison to other elements of a hotelier’s big refurbishment while they are designing or upgrading their establishment. Hoteliers have to deal with a variety of issues that come up when developing a hotel, including issues with staffing, spending, hotel features, and renovations. They want their hotels to be top-notch and to be recognized as the leaders in their field. So why do they concern themselves with something so unimportant as the color of their sheets?

An apparently unimportant aspect to visitors may present a challenge for the hotel’s architect. On the one hand, a hotel aspires to be cutting-edge and set the standard for the industry in terms of design, which can include rejecting the norm and picking a different color of linen which is anything but white.

Revolutionizing the trend

Does it matter what color your bedding is? The color of the bedding is actually a lot more significant than you might have thought! Any hotel may easily change to improve the experience of its customers by changing the color of the linen. It completely transforms the look of their hotel’s rooms without undergoing renovations and can revive dimly lit spaces. Neutral colors are still very popular for bedrooms both inside and outside of hotels, and they contrast well with white bedding. In order to emphasize the design features of their rooms, they are also simple to adorn with colored pillows and extra covers. In the 1990s, this design decision revolutionized the hospitality sector, and today, nearly every modern hotel chain we see has adopted the practice.

What has changed?

Designers have begun to gradually abandon the use of white linens. Today, a small trend in new hotels is beginning to emerge. A vibrant and stylish display of patterns and colors is starting to take the place of white sheets in some hotel rooms. To disguise their similarities to other hotels, some are substituting a sheet or duvet with a different color. In order to introduce their version of a new practice into the field of hotel design, hotel designers are breaching the industry norm. White linen, however, is timeless and is appropriate for all hotel types.

A hotel can differentiate itself from the competitors by adding color to the beds. You get the chance to discuss your brand, sense of place, and anything else that makes your property special and gives you a signature. If the bed has a distinguishing feature, that would be more memorable. Box spring covers surrounding the box springs are an alternative to the customary colored bedspread for adding color, texture, and design to the space.




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