Why Driving Drunk Is Dangerous? How Can It Affect Your Life?

Despite noticing all the warning signs, many people don’t understand the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. More than 10% of Americans drive drunk, risking their lives as well as their passengers. In 2014, 9967 Americans lost their lives due to driving under the influence.

If you love to drink, you need to be cautious while driving. You might be tempted to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, but you’re only risking your life. Here are some reasons why you should never drink and drive.

You Can Go to Jail 

The laws regarding drunk driving are super strict in the United States. No one prefers to go to jail. If you’ve never been convicted, you have no idea how dangerous life behind bars is. If a police officer catches you driving under the influence, not only will they arrest you, but you can also go to jail. And if you injure anyone or damage any property while drunk driving, the sentences can be very long, along with a massive amount of fine. Causing fatality to someone would land you many years in prison. You should never drink and drive if you don’t want to go to jail and make your life miserable. Even if you do and get caught, make sure you contact the best DUI defense as soon as possible. They are the only ones who can save you from going to prison.

You Might End Up Paying More Insurance Premiums 

If you are driving drunk and are caught, you will be held on trial. Even though the lawyer will assist you in reducing your fine and sentences, the DUI conviction will undoubtedly affect your insurance premiums. But why is DUI offense related to insurance? This is because the insurance premiums depend on the driver's risk. A driver who drinks and drives is more likely to face an accident. Therefore, they need to pay higher insurance premiums. If you are caught drunk driving, your insurance company will shortlist you as a high-risk client, and your premiums will skyrocket in an instant. As per Alcohol Rehab Guide, alcohol will affect your vision while driving.

You Might Lose Your Job 

You might be surprised to know, but a DUI offense might make the employer sack you without any prior notice. In many professional industries, a DUI offense is one of the most serious crimes that can result in employment termination. Apart from that, you can also lose your driving license. This will happen if you’re employed in a prestige position or work for the state government or municipal. Police officers, nurses, doctors, teachers, and even lawyers can lose their jobs and driving licenses when convicted of a DUI offense.

You Will Live with a Criminal Record 

This is one of the most important reasons why you should never drink and drive. If you’re proven guilty of driving under the influence, this specific information will be uploaded to your criminal record history. Anyone can view this information, especially your future employers, who will undoubtedly check your background for criminal records.


These are the reasons why you should not drink and drive. What are your thoughts? Make sure you let us know by commenting below.


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