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Vaping has been a popular activity in the modern world for a while already. In fact, vaping has already moved from the position of top new things in this world. But simultaneously, it remains popular all around the world despite the constant attempt of the governments to prevent the spread of the devices. 
The questions that ordinary citizens should ask themselves include: 

  • Why do people switch to vape pens? 
  • Is it comfortable for my lifestyle? 
  • How to choose the best vaping device? 

Is there any difference between a vape mod and a dry herb vaporizer pen ( 

Vapes in Big Apple 

Getting back to New York, we must admit that many people here change to vaping devices instead of usual cigarettes. The number of reasons for that is quite big. However, here we would rather outline the features peculiar to New York first and then move to more general and ordinary points. 
New York is considered to be one of the most vibrant cities in the whole world. Many people outside the United States would mistakenly call it capital. To some extent, it is. New York is the capital of the world’s fashion, business, and education. It has something to offer for everyone. Moreover, many of the top people in this world live or do business in the Big Apple. 
In fact, the popularity of vaping in the city is partially contingent on the rhythm and high speed of the city. People do not have much time to relax in hookah bars or try to light a cigarette in a windy place. So, turning on a vaping device with a single button saves precious seconds for those participating in the NY rat race, and they appreciate it. 
In addition, when vaping areas were literally everywhere and vaping itself was widely legal, businesspeople enjoyed a lack of waste of time looking for a suitable smoking area. That used to be a second advantage for vapers and a definite point in favor of vaping against usual smoking cigarettes for those always in a hurry. 

Celebrate Diversity 

Another point considered to be a benefit of vape devices is their variety. New York citizens might sometimes be called spoiled. In the way, they want all the best. And at some point, in time, vaping devices were what they felt to be “the best.” Nowadays, when the vaping industry is developing on a huge scale, the variety of devices is constantly growing. It attracts new users too. For instance, they can use the vaping mod in the office and the best vape pen for weed at the party. 
Moreover, sometimes it can be the same device just having a function of using different tanks. Other, less important, diversity lies in the opportunities to modify the single device in a way it would fit one’s needs. The glaring example can be a changeable mouthpiece, which results from changes in the way you get the vapor, or various heating modes, which influence your vapor as well. 
Having mentioned the fact that the Big Apple is the capital of the world’s fashion, I cannot help noting that today vaping devices with the same function can have a completely distinct design. This is because more and more companies are working on them rather thoroughly. So, a person can have the same weed vape pen functionally in drama, romantic, or casual styles. 
What is even more exciting is that some vape pens can easily change their outer look, so having the same device at work in minimalistic style and as the party in drama style is highly convenient and profitable. Buying the same ingredients, getting the same joy, and using a vaping device as a trendy accessory – all these attract many New Yorkers today. 
Vapes here reflect the spirit of the city. New York is full of bright colors and men of marked individuality. It is difficult to find something that can be called mediocre in the Big Apple. That is why new interesting ideas will always be welcomed in the city. 

Practical Reasons 

Getting down to Earth, many people worldwide change to vaping devices as well. Of course, their motives can differ from the ones mentioned before. However, it would not mean that New Yorkers do not put these reasons on their “Pros and Cons” lists. 
Firstly, many people switch to vaping devices because they are much cheaper in the long-term perspective. The primary sum of money spent is much higher than the usual pack of cigarettes. However, if you vape for a couple of months, you can feel like having more money. That is because if you have a high-quality device, you need to buy e-liquid only. Moreover, it can be bought cheaper if you buy it in bulk. That works for New York as well because people there tend to save some money on trifles and spend them on investments. 
Secondly, some people need vaping devices as means to improve their health. For example, some people with severe illnesses are recommended to take CBD. Mostly they use edible oil or applicable lotions. However, sometimes they prefer a CBD oil pen or even a dry herb vape pen just because of psychological motives. It gives them the feeling of everyday, ordinary life, not loaded with a particular disease, medicines, hospitals, etc. Such lust for life might impress, and not always positively, but that is just a dry fact. 
Thirdly, many people still believe that vaping can free them from smoking. As we can see, for some people, it works. However, scientists are trying to make people conscious of the fact that vaping has never been proved to be an effective method of combating smoking. Moreover, there is some data on the fact that those who start vaping become dual users. This information cannot make us happy. The main problem is that we still have no idea about the real effect of vaping on one’s habit of smoking and nicotine addiction. 


Whatever makes an ordinary New Yorker switch to vapes does not always mean that it is the best choice. The most deplorable is that we can neither praise a wax or weed pen nor run it down because of the scarce data for making a clear and unquestionable conclusion. People from NY can change to vaping because of a range of social, economic, and fashion tendencies. Therefore, it is vital to keep checking the information that appears on this topic. 


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