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Why Beige Bathroom Tiles Are Such a Timeless Classic

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Why Beige Bathroom Tiles Are Such a Timeless Classic

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The choice of colors and tiles when designing a bathroom can be mind boggling, and knowing what will look good both now, and in ten years’ time, can be difficult to decide upon; what’s trendy now, might not be in a decade.

If you don’t want to have to keep reinventing your bathroom to keep up with fashion, or are looking for a more timeless color that will always be a classic, you should seriously consider beige, you might want to take a fresh new look at beige bathroom tiles.

Beige often gets a bad rap as a design color, but just hear us out.

Why you should opt for a beige bathroom

While for some, the term ‘neutral’ simply means ‘boring’ and ‘bland,’ for those who use it right, however, it can be a truly timeless color.

A beige bathroom isn’t just a color that goes with everything, but in particular, it’s a color that resonates with nature, and different shades of the color green. Now we all know how popular a color green is when designing bathrooms – probably because we associate it with the great outdoors – and there’s no better match for green, than beige.

Often associated with neutrality, calmness, and relaxation, aren’t these all the traits we dream of in a bathroom?

As well as perfectly complementing the color green, beige also makes a great canvas for layering other shades, or bolder, brighter colors.

Bathrooms are finally getting the attention they deserve

No longer a mere afterthought, bathrooms are being revamped in all sorts of exciting ways, and are bringing a sense of luxury and relaxation to hectic homes all over the country. No longer there as simply functional spaces, modern bathrooms are becoming havens that tired adults or stressed-out teenagers can lock themselves away in and unwind, and they’re often top of the list when homeowners opt to remodel or renovate their homes.

Beige tiles and small bathrooms

The neutrality of the color beige can also work wonderfully well to accentuate a bathroom’s best features and create the illusion of light and space, especially when paired with strategically placed bathroom mirrors. Helping to bounce light around the room, beige tiles and/or paintwork add airiness to a bathroom in much the same way as the color white can, but most find beige to be more soothing and a lot less harsh.

Beige bathroom tiles as an undertone

By using beige as an undertone in a bathroom, it’s almost like a blank canvas for you to highlight and showcase other items or products inside the space, allowing them to sing without distraction.

But you don’t just have to use beige bathroom tiles, you could have beige furnishings fitted, too, or beige towels and ornaments.

In conclusion, beige may be considered as a safe color choice for a bathroom, but for all the right reasons. Allowing other design and functional features to shine with it as their backdrop, beige bathroom tiles are a timeless choice that are only boring and bland, when they’re in a boring person’s bathroom!


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