Why Are Prescription Safety Glasses Important in the Workplace?

Why Are Prescription Safety Glasses Important in the Workplace?

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Workplace safety is a paramount concern in all nations across the world. In the US, the Department of Labor Administers enforces laws aimed at ensuring workers are safe at their places of work. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) is a critical legal act that states the guidelines on employee safety and health.

Safety at the workplace is an all-inclusive concept that pertains to physical, emotional, and mental health. Of all areas covered in workplace safety laws, physical health and safety are the most observed by organizations. This is because it encompasses the most fatal risks.

Physical health regulations at the workplace cover areas such as safety for heads, limbs, torso, etc. In some industries and workplaces, visual health is a grave concern. In such workplaces, employees are advised to use protective gear for their eyes. This mostly encompasses goggles, glasses, and face shields.

Over the years, the use of goggles and glasses has been found to inconvenience some employees. The inconveniences encountered when using goggles and glasses are solved by switching to prescription safety glasses. This article highlights why prescription glasses are important in the workplace.

Increased Comfort When Working

As mentioned earlier, the use of regular goggles or glasses for safety at the workplace was inconvenient for many people. Workers who relied on using corrective prescription glasses to get perfect vision were subject to many uncomfortable solutions.

The workers have to wear protective goggles or glasses on top of their prescription glasses. This solution caused discomfort due to the extreme pressure on one’s head from the two glasses. 

Some other workers could not bear the discomfort of wearing two glasses. These workers, therefore, opted to wear safety goggles or glasses without wearing their prescription glasses. This solution compromised the worker’s vision while working, thereby increasing the risk of having a work-related accident.

In some rare cases, workers opted to wear their prescription glasses instead of safety glasses. This exposed the workers to great health risks still. 

Prescription safety glasses help such workers handle their tasks without compromising their vision or forcing them to take up an uncomfortable solution. SportRx offers workers a myriad of frame designs and lenses to choose from when buying their prescription safety glasses.

A vital factor that the shop considered was the different safety ratings that are available for eye safety wear. Depending on your industry and occupation, one can choose the specific safety rating for their occupation. This helps ensure all workers in different fields or industries get to experience the comfort associated with using prescription safety glasses.

Protection of Regular Glasses

One of the solutions mentioned above for workers who use prescription glasses is wearing their prescription glasses without any other safety equipment. The main problem associated with this solution is that it puts the person at risk of having eye injuries at work.

Another disadvantage of this solution is that it accelerates the wear and tear of prescription glasses. Industries that require employees to use safety goggles or glasses do so because of various factors such as the possibility of alien materials entering the eye, protection from harsh light, etc.

In cases where workers use prescription glasses in place of safety glasses, the prescription glasses do not last long. The prescription glasses are hit by chips, exposed to metal shards, and other damage that can happen to the frame. With regular prescription glasses not built to handle such scenarios, they will easily get ruined. 

By using prescription safety glasses, workers ensure that their prescription glasses remain in good shape and do not get ruined at the workplace. The amount of regular wear and tear from daily use will also reduce on the prescription glasses, thereby allowing them to serve you for longer periods.

Prevention of Eye Injuries

The main reason behind using safety eyewear at work or even at home when doing handy work is to reduce the possibility of one having any sort of eye injury. Prescription safety glasses are manufactured using material that offers impeccable levels of impact resistance.

In some cases, people neglect wearing safety goggles and this exposes them to the possibility of getting severely injured. Each year, there are about 300,000 cases of eye injuries in the workplace. Studies show that 90% of these cases would not have occurred if the workers were wearing appropriate safety equipment.

It is quite common to come across workers doing risky work while using regular glasses. This is among the most common cases reported in eye injury cases. Regular glasses are made of material that is not impact resistant therefore the user can easily get harmed. 

Better Vision While Working

Source: Unsplash

Some work situations subject one to extremely harsh lights such as those from welding sparks or small flying particles. In such work situations, a person has to squint to prevent foreign substances from getting into their eyes while also trying to see what they are doing.

Workers who also have to put down their prescription glasses to wear safety goggles subject themselves to poor vision so they can be safe. Another instance of vision being compromised is when working in extremely dusty areas. In such areas, one has to focus on avoiding dust from getting into the eyes while also trying to see what they are doing. 

The use of prescription safety glasses allows one to solely focus on the work they are doing. With prescription safety glasses, one is assured that no foreign objects can get into their eyes. The prescription lens on them also allows one to enjoy the benefits of their corrective lens while also staying safe. 


Most people feel that wearing safety glasses is an uncomfortable thing and is not worth the effort when working on any task. You should value your sight and ensure that you take all necessary measures to protect your eyes. Even the slightest of things can compromise your sight permanently due to how fragile the eyes are. 

In the workplace, you have more than enough reasons to convince you to get prescription safety glasses. The benefits you will reap from this will make you appreciate the purchase. 

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