Which are the best certificates for bricklaying in the UK?

Whether a bricklayer or an aspiring one, you'll want to know about the best certificates for bricklaying in the UK.

There are several certifications available for bricklayers and masons. Some focus on construction methods and safety, while others focus more on design, detail, or materials. You can enroll in professional bricklaying courses from Goldtrowel to give a head start to your career.

Here are the best certificates you should get in the UK for bricklaying?

1- Certificate in bricklaying

The Certificate in Bricklaying is a 40 hours to 10 weeks course that teaches students the fundamentals of bricklaying. This course is designed for students who want to learn more about bricklaying and are interested in pursuing further education in this field.

You can't be a bricklayer without this certification. So, common sense dictates that you start by being a certified bricklayer.

The Certificate in Bricklaying focuses on all aspects of bricklaying, including foundations, walls, chimneys and roofs. The course also covers how to work safely with bricks and mortar.

2- Certificate in Masonry

Masonry is a craft practiced for thousands of years, but it's only recently become an industry and a profession. Masonry involves constructing or repairing masonry structures such as walls, arches, vaults, and domes. It is also known as stone setting, stone-cutting and Stone Masonry. The basic skills taught in this course will help you to get started in this field.

Certificate in Masonry is a one to a fifteen-week course that covers all aspects of masonry work.

The course includes lectures on construction techniques and materials as well as practical workshops that teach students how to use them. You'll learn to build walls, foundations, and other projects like retaining walls.

The course has three main components: theoretical studies, technical workshops, and practical experience. You will do about 10% of theoretical studies, and 60% of all the time will be spent on workshops. The rest of the time will be spent getting practical experience in the field.

3- Certificate in construction safety

You can take several courses to become a better bricklayer in the UK. Some of them are available online, and others are not.

The most popular course for bricklaying is the Certificate in Construction Safety. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and other training centers offer this course. The course duration is between weeks to months, depending on whether you prefer to study on-site or online.

It's important to know that this certificate does not give you the skills necessary to work as a bricklayer. Rather, it teaches you how to work safely with others in an organized way so that everyone gets their share of the responsibility and can create something together.

4- Tiling

A tiling certificate will teach you all about tiling and its various types. You will learn about all the different types of tiles, their uses and applications. You will also be taught about safety in working with tiles and how to clean them properly.

The course duration is hours to days, meaning you can expect to complete it in just under a week if you are willing to put in the required effort.


The above certifications will add value to your bricklaying career. So, enroll in one of them today! They will open up a lot of opportunities for you and ensure you always have work.

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