Where can you buy Construction Insurance in 2022?


Construction insurance in 2022 remains an important part of your business strategy.  The economy has been opening up again and, more than ever, you need to be competitive.  Insurance can protect your business from loss, making it sustainable and more profitable.  It also signals to clients that you have the means to correct things if they go wrong. Let’s talk through the coverage that you need and the best place to get it. 
What Construction Insurance Do You Need?  
There is some insurance that is mandatory, such as General Liability and Workers Compensation. 

  •  If a third party sues for damages, General Liability protects you from cost. With the increase in litigation in the past few years this insurance is essential. 
  • Workers Compensation assists with medical care costs and loss of income for an injured employee.  Construction can be dangerous work and injuries to workers are common.  

These two forms of insurance are vital.  Clients as well as your employees expect you to have them. They can protect your business from costs that can run into millions when things go wrong. 
Builder’s Risk Insurance  
Builder’s Risk is property coverage. It covers you for many perils that General Liability or Workers Compensation exclude.   It applies to certain types of building projects, namely the construction of new buildings and the renovation or restructuring of existing ones.  This insurance is tailored for your particular project.  Examples of the loss events covered are: 

  • Fire- more than 6000 fires occur on construction sites every year 
  • Theft- the theft of tools, materials and equipment is common 
  • Vandalism- damage by vandalism is on the increase, especially associated with the theft of copper wiring 
  • Weather events- high winds and hail easily cause damage on construction sites 
  • Removal of debris/decontamination of a site (if caused by a covered event)- this can be very expensive 

This is not a complete list.  Your coverage can even cover soft costs (such as fees for architects, engineers and marketing). It is also possible to protect against loss of profits due to delays.  Customize each policy so you get the right coverage for your project.  
Why Should You Choose Contractors Liability? 
We can help with your insurance needs at Contractors Liability.  There are a number of reasons why you should choose us for your construction insurance. 

  • We have been operating for more than 20 years and know the industry well 
  • Our network of carriers consists of A-rated companies 
  • We negotiate on your behalf to get you the best rates for the right coverage 
  • We will give you a number of quotes so you can compare 
  • Customer satisfaction is important to us and you can count on speedy turnaround 
  • We are represented in all 50 states 
  • You can call us; no need for any contact 

Insurance can be complicated. We can assess the coverage that you have and highlight any gaps that leave you exposed to risk. 
Call Contractors Liability for your Construction Insurance in COVID-19 
Our agents can review your coverage to make sure your business is protected. All it takes is a phone call.  Call Contractors Liability on 866-225-1950 and put us to the test. 

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