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When is the Best Time of Year to Cut Trees in TX

When is the Best Time of Year to Cut Trees in TX

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Trees are crucial to maintaining a liveable environment. The cool shady areas provided by trees also serve as a respite from the unrelenting sunlight in hot summers, which can be extreme in Texas. Whether planted on a residential property or a commercial one, trees amplify the beauty around them. They add to the curb appeal and make nearby properties look lively and inviting.  
However, getting these benefits requires some upkeep; without proper care, they can start to look worn and neglected. If neglected long enough, they may even become an eyesore, negatively affecting the aesthetic value of your house or business. Not maintaining your outdoors can also put you at risk of injury and property damage—from falling branches. Not to mention, it can succumb to diseases and pests, giving rise to an unhealthy environment. Hence, it is in your best interest to take proper care of your outdoor area, particularly trees—by pruning and trimming them on time.  
There are many factors to consider before cutting away at a tree that’s outgrowing its environment. You may be wondering what the best time of the year is to prune a tree. If you don’t know how much of a branch should be cut to avoid putting the tree under a lot of stress, you may end up wounding it, ultimately killing it. This is why it is best to leave these matters to professionals.  
Look for the best tree services in your area by searching for phrases like “tree companies Round Rock TX“. The professionals will know things you may miss, like not to cut the branch collar when pruning and to clean tools between each tree to avoid transferring diseases. They will get the job done efficiently without risking the health of your trees.  
The time of year when you should hire professionals to prune and trim your trees depends on the species, as each species has its own recommended time for pruning. Here are a few of the most common trees found in Texas and the best time of year to cut them. 


Maple trees in Texas come in various shapes and sizes but are a bit different from their northern namesake. Since they are one of the only trees in Texas to display the colors of fall, it is usually preferred to prune maple trees after they shed their leaves. Pruning in early spring should be avoided as it can lead to them leaking sap from the cuts. The best time to prune these trees is winter. 


More than fifty varieties of oak native to Texas are one of the most commonly found trees in the state. However, some of these varieties are susceptible to oak wilt, a fungal disease that spreads by beetles and can kill an oak tree over time. That is why it is very important to avoid trimming and pruning from February to July when oak wilt is most likely to spread from one tree to another.  
Oak trees also do a leaf exchange in late winter, so trimming should also be avoided at that time. However, broken or dead branches can be safely removed at any time.  


Depending on the age and other conditions, Elm trees can be short and shrubby or grow to be as long as 90 feet tall. Four species of elm are native to Texas, but the introduced Siberian elm can also be found in several areas. These trees are the first to get their leaves every spring and also the first to lose them every fall.  
To avoid sap leakage from cuts, elms should be trimmed in fall or winter. Pruning should be done with small cuts as these trees are prone to rotting where large cuts are made.  

Bradford Pear 

This species is not native to Texas. It has a life of about 20 to 25 years and can be safely pruned in any season. Their branch joints have a natural instability and weakness made worse by their inherent growth patterns. Many limbs usually originate from a central location, creating a weak spot in the tree. Even mature Bradford pear trees have been seen to split from time to time. This is why they require structural pruning from time to time to prevent branches from breaking.  

Crape Myrtle 

Crape myrtles are hardy trees known for their colorful flowers. They are very low maintenance and can thrive in various soil types. They are drought resistant but do not fare well in areas with poor drainage. These trees produce flowers every year and trimming in fall leads to more flowers in spring.  
If you trim in late spring, the number of flowers blooming next year will be negatively affected. Where the tree’s health is concerned, winter is the best time to trim a Crape myrtle. One important thing to remember is never to top this tree, which can leave it vulnerable to diseases and pests. 

Fruit Trees 

There are a variety of fruit trees found in Texas. Apples, plums, and peaches grow in the colder northern parts of the state, while citrus fruits are more popular in southern Texas.  
Structural pruning for every type of fruit tree is best done during the winter. You can also choose to trim the tree after it has bloomed in early spring. This practice leaves fewer blooms on the branches, so the fruit that grows is bigger in size but also does not weigh down the tree too much. 


Trees are an integral part of our environment as they filter the air we breathe and provide shade and food for humans and animals alike. They are also stunning to look at and can increase the aesthetic value of any property. However, they can quickly become an eyesore if they are not properly cared for.  
In addition to regular watering and fertilization, trees also require timely pruning and trimming to keep them in proper shape and good health. Different species of trees need to be pruned at different times of the year, and a lot of care must be observed not to harm the trees in the process. This job is best left to professionals who know what they are doing and can cut your trees without putting them under undue stress.  


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