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What to Look For When Shopping For Industrial Hoists

What to Look For When Shopping For Industrial Hoists

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With the advancement of technology and new innovations, machines are rapidly replacing men from major industrial jobs. Hoists are part of such inventions and have become a central part of any industry that involves loading and unloading and moving goods vertically from one point to the other. This growth has fuelled the rise of several manufacturers and companies listing industrial hoists for sale. Before purchasing this device, aspiring buyers and users need to understand the various types of hoists and their functions. This guide enlightens the vital information.

What are Industrial Hoists?

A hoist is an electro-magnetic or mechanical lifting device that depends on mechanical advantage to lift objects vertically and uphold hanging loads. The mechanical hoist equipment dispenses weight using gears or pulleys to transfer little force over lengthy distances into greater forces applied over shorter spaces. This technique makes moving objects faster and easier.

Types of Hoists

Industrial hoists come in two major divisions: manual and powered hoists. Although their functionality is almost the same, few characteristics are only exhibited by either one of the two.

Manual Hoists

Manual hoists are sometimes called chain falls, lever hoists, or wire loop pullers. They are hand-operated or ratchet (lever-actuated) devices used for lifting heavy weights and loads. They use hand chains to control lifting/lowering action, while a load chain helps to uphold the load. Some of their distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Lower initial costs
  • Highly portable
  • Require heavier work to lift heavier weights
  • More prone to wear and tear
  • Takes longer time while lifting

Powered Hoists

This category mostly constitutes three varieties of lifting gears, electric, hydraulic, and air/pneumatic hoists. They lift heavy loads and cargo through the help of a rope or chain, plus a powerful motor that powers up the structure. Similarly, they lower/lift loads by means of a drum, and the load is detached to the device using a hook-like design. Here are some characteristics that make these devices unique:

  • Lift objects faster
  • Are operated by pendants or controller
  • Electric models often overheat when used frequently
  • Have massive lifting capacity
  • Not portable
  • Pneumatic models are precious in case sparking is necessary for the process.

After seeing the different types of hoists and their distinguishing features, it’s essential to understand the various industries and places where the device is commonly used. Here’s an overview of its main applications. The list isn’t exhaustive, given that hoists can be used by any individual or industry whose operations involve lifting or lowering of cargo and loads.

  • In construction to lift building materials
  • At aerospace to lift cargo mainly into docks and shipping yards
  • In mining to lower and lift miners and other essentials to and from the mining caves

Other applications include logging, automotive, marine, manufacturing, and medical industries.
With a clear picture of what a hoist is, the various types and main applications will give an aspiring buyer looking for industrial hoists for sale an idea of what to consider. However, factors such as operating time, load, and usage frequency affect the device’s overall life-span. As a result, buyers should check that the equipment listed for sale meets their recommended parameters and fits their needs.


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