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What To Know About Buying Aftermarket Headlights

What To Know About Buying Aftermarket Headlights

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Every customer has hundreds of options when it comes to headlights today. Some car manufacturers are even offering different variants of headlights from the factory. Still, there is a need for aftermarket headlights to deal with the increasing demands of customers.
On this page, you will learn everything about aftermarket headlights and what factors should you consider before buying aftermarket headlights online (or offline).
So, let’s start by understanding what aftermarket headlights are.

What are Aftermarket Headlights?

Aftermarket headlight is a term given to those headlights that a person buys to replace the stock headlights that come with a vehicle. They are purchased separately. The main purpose of aftermarket headlights is to replace damaged headlights as they are easily available in the market.  However, today you can find people buying these headlights even when the primary headlights are not damaged.
It is because they come with more features and are now considered a more stylish option for car owners.
Another major reason is that the stock headlights are mostly halogens and people are switching to LEDs for better efficiency and performance.  
You will come across many aftermarket headlight brands offering headlights with different styles and features. If you are interested in buying but don’t know which brand to choose, here’s the guide to the best aftermarket headlights.

Things to Know Before Buying Aftermarket Headlights

Planning to buy aftermarket headlights for the first time? Here are a few things that will help you make a smart decision:

  • Aftermarket Headlights serve different purposes

As mentioned earlier, they are not necessarily for replacing the damaged headlight bulbs as there are many other reasons to buy them. Some people love to upgrade the brightness of the headlight bulbs while some keep them for the sake of their trendy looks. 
That is why it is crucial to decide why to need these headlight bulbs and whether you have a clear purpose in mind or not.

  • LED or Halogens?

You will have to deal with this situation here as well. You will find Halogens, Xenons, and LEDs when you go out to buy aftermarket headlights. Thus, you need to decide which one you want. 

  • Different brands mean different prices for the same features

Here comes the most important point. You will find that different brands are offering headlights with similar features at different price ranges. So, be a smart buyer and look out for the prices when shopping for aftermarket headlights. However, do not fall for cheap-quality products while trying to save some money.
The best way to deal with it is by going for established brands or by reading reviews online.

  • Aftermarket Headlights compatibility issues

Although most aftermarket brands consider the user’s requirements and manufacture headlights that easily fit in the specified vehicles. Still, it is a bit confusing to use aftermarket headlights over factory headlights. It is because a company manufactures stock headlights for a specific car model while an aftermarket brand creates the same model for different vehicles.
Still, you can check the bulb type and easily fit them with some quick modifications.

  • Know your vehicle’s bulb type

There are different types of headlight assemblies and bulbs. It is important to know what type of bulb fits in your vehicle before you go out and purchase a replacement bulb for your vehicle. The easiest way is to check your vehicle’s user manual for the details.
Another way is to visit SuncentAuto’s website and use their search bar to find headlight bulbs specific to your vehicle. You can simply select your vehicle’s model on the website, and it will filter the headlights for you. 

  • Aftermarket Headlights offer Flexible Choices

You will find that the aftermarket headlights offer various features and let you decide the best headlight for your vehicle. That is why it is crucial to have your requirements in mind while searching for aftermarket headlights. 
You can simply think of the reason why you are buying aftermarket headlights and focus on solving that issue first. After that, you can go for some additional benefits and use them to upgrade your vehicle’s headlights. This method will help first-time users to get the right aftermarket headlights online or offline.

Is Using Aftermarket Headlights Legal?

Many people often worry about the legal aspects of using aftermarket headlights. It is because some states have restrictions on the brightness of headlight bulbs as it can blind the oncoming vehicle’s driver on the road. However, most headlight bulb manufacturers understand the legal requirements and manufacture the parts accordingly.
Thus, you won’t need to worry about these things as long as you are buying from an established brand. 
For more information, check with your state rules and ensure there are no restrictions on using aftermarket headlights. You can also contact the headlight manufacturers and ask them whether you can use their headlights in your state. They will provide you with all the legal information regarding the use of that headlight in your state.

Where to Buy Aftermarket Headlights?

If you are afraid of so many requirements and factors, we recommend you throw away all your worries and buy directly from online auto parts stores. SuncentAuto, Autozone, and carID are some of the most popular stores to buy these headlights.
You can also buy from leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to get a better deal on the aftermarket headlights. These marketplaces also offer you free delivery and easy returns for all the items you buy online.
The third and most common solution is to buy them directly from the brand’s website. This way, you can find genuine auto parts at affordable prices.
We recommend going with SuncentAuto as it is a platform where you can find compatible headlight bulbs from leading brands including TORCHBEAM, SEALIGHT, and MarsAuto. 
On top of that, you can select your vehicle model on the website and filter all the unrelated results to focus on the right ones. This way, you can easily compare the compatible headlight assemblies and buy the one that suits your requirements.


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