What To Do Immediately After A Road Crash

What To Do Immediately After A Road Crash

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When you’re involved in a road crash, the shock of it might leave you shaken and disoriented to think about what to do next. Once you come back to your senses, there are certain things you must do to ensure that everyone who was involved in the car crash is safe and unharmed. Most of us don’t prioritize our insurance companies until the bills start crowding our desks. Whether a driver was at fault or not, the following steps instruct about what to do immediately after being injured in a road crash.

Check For Injuries

When you get in a road crash, the first thing to do is to check yourself thoroughly for any possible injury. If there is no visible sign of blood, try moving your limbs and neck slowly for signs of pain. An accident can cause our bodies to release a lot of adrenaline. The rush of adrenaline can dampen the pain of possible fractures or ligament tears. It may take you some time to assess your injury.  And if you’re seriously injured, don’t move! On the other hand, if you find yourself unharmed in an accident, check to ensure that the passengers in your car are safe. Once their safety is ensured, make sure that the driver of the other car is fine. If anyone involved in the accident is injured, immediately call 911.

Get To Safety

If you’re not too hurt to move, make your way to the side of the road or towards the footpath. If your car is drivable and is standing in a hazardous zone of the road, move it to one side so that no more hazards take place. If the car is too damaged to be moved, turn on the hazard lights, place some warning triangles and leave it as it is. Immediately, look for oncoming traffic and get yourself out of harm’s way. If there are others involved in the accident, try to help them get safely to the side.

Call The Emergency Number

If you’re injured in a car accident, ask someone to call for help or call 911 yourself, if you can. The responder will ask for your location and a rescue team will immediately be dispatched. The police officials will come and investigate the scene of the accident. The personal injury lawyers always suggest documenting the statement from both parties involved in the car accident, and even interview any available witnesses present on site. In some states, it is mandatory to inform the local police. That being said, you’ll be asked to submit a copy of the police accident report by your insurance company when you file a claim. So you must always report your accident to the local police authorities to avoid any legal hiccups in the future.

Exchange Information With The Other Driver

While you turn off your engine and wait for help after making sure nobody’s hurt, you should exchange the contact and other information with the other driver. You must not forget to note down their full name, contact information, driver’s license, car’s number plate, location of the accident, and other useful information like the type, color, and model of the vehicle. You must avoid discussing who was at fault. The information you document will be reviewed by an adjuster when you file for an insurance claim. The adjuster will analyze the state of the vehicles, inspect the documents provided, and any other reports or photographs from the scene. It is therefore imperative that you carefully preserve any photographs, contact details, or reports of the accident.

Document The Accident

You must document every available information about your accident, whether it’s the identity of the officers who responded to the scene, pictures of the crash, or names of the witnesses. You can request the police officials for a copy of the accident report since you’ll be required to present it for your insurance claim. Take as many pictures and videos of the crash from all angles and sides, it’ll help support your claim. You may want to call your insurance agent from the site of the accident itself because they’ll be able to guide you about what they would need to process your insurance claim.

Even seasoned drivers can be left baffled by an accident. Following the steps discussed above will ensure that all the individuals involved in the car crash are safe, the oncoming traffic is warned, the local authorities are informed, and your insurance claim is settled. You’ll easily avoid most of the unnecessary worry and be glad to have a peaceful recovery period for your health as well as the state of your vehicle!

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