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What to Do Before You Apply Epoxy Coat

What to Do Before You Apply Epoxy Coat

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Epoxy coating your floor is easy if you follow the necessary steps. Before you begin, detailed preparation is required for optimal results. 
You should always start to prepare for an epoxy coat by inspecting your concrete flooring. You want to be aware of cracks in the surface, which might cause unsmooth epoxy coating issues. We recommend patching any noticeable cracks after you conduct initial prep and before you apply your epoxy coating. Note that mortar joints and saw cuts are engineered for movement; therefore, Epoxy-Coat does not recommend patching these areas before coating. 
You can purchase our Epoxy-Coat path kits online to streamline your Epoxy-Coat prep process. 
Has Your Floor Been Sealed Previously?
One of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether or not your floor has been previously sealed. To determine this if you are unsure, you can perform a simple test. Pour a small amount of water onto your floor in different spots. Pay attention to how the water droplets respond. If the water beads together, a sealer is present.
Next, you will need to remove any sealants either by chemical or mechanical means, such as a diamond grinder. We recommend using a moisture test kit called “Vapor Gauge” before your application process. In some instances, your test kit will report high levels of moisture. In these instances, we highly recommend calling Epoxy-Coat technical support for further instructions at 800-841-5580. 

Epoxy Coating Floor Preparation Procedures 

Begin by cleaning the floor. Sweep away dust and debris, and pick up any particles. Washing the flooring as well as vacuuming and sweeping up dirt is essential to remove any impurities. Typically, concrete flooring contains numerous contaminants which must be removed before application for optimal results.  
Hot water scrubs and diluted degreasers are great options when it comes to effectively cleaning concrete. We recommend using a premix of acid granules with five quarts of water and a pump sprayer. After this, you can scrub the floor with a hard-bristled broom. Finally, apply baking soda to the floor and double-rinse with water to ensure optimal cleanliness. You will want to allow time for your floor to dry out completely before proceeding with an Epoxy-Coat. 

What is the Ideal Temperature for Applying Epoxy-Coat? 

Before you begin applying Epoxy-Coat, you should check the temperature inside. The ideal temperature range for working with Epoxy-Coat is 40F-85F (4C-30C) with humidity of under 85%. Applying Epoxy-Coat in the evening works well in most cases.
How to Apply Epoxy-Coating
Before applying your Epoxy-Coat, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. If you are unsure of a step in the procedure, it is best to ask for clarification from an Epoxy-Coat representative before proceeding. 

Mixing Instructions

Step 1:
Unpack your epoxy kit and assemble the mixer to a high-speed electric drill
Step 2:
Mix Part A Resin for two minutes
Step 3: 
Pour all of Part B into a large mixing bucket
Step 4:
Pour all of Part A into the same bucket
Step 5: 
Mix all contents for 3 minutes using an up-and-down motion
Note: The mixture has to be applied within 45 minutes.

Application Instructions

Step 6: 
Pour mixture along a wall and use a brush to apply at the edges
Step 7: 
Pour the second strip of mixture parallel to the first
Step 8:
Roll the epoxy with a squeegee from the back wall until there are no more parallel lines
Step 9:
Use a roller to roll out the epoxy finish consistently 
Step 10: 
If using decorative flakes, apply evenly throughout the coating 
Step 11 (optional): 
Apply a non-skid polyurethane clear coat 
Top Coat Recommendation 
A topcoat is not required, but we highly recommend that you apply one to extend the durability and beauty of your epoxy floor. 
Drying Time 
You should allow for 24 hours of drying time and keep water off the surface for seven days. 
Applying a Primer or Multiple Coats 
When applying a primer or multiple coats, wait 10-15 hours between each application. 
For more application information, watch this video. Additional information is on our FAQ page.


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