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What to Do After a Road Construction Accident

What to Do After a Road Construction Accident

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Roads are regularly improved and turned into construction zones. They need maintenance and repairs that take days, weeks or even months to get done. No city hasn’t witnessed an area surrounded by cones and builders. Construction zones are inevitable despite how risky they are and their history of fatal and dangerous accidents to both the workers and drivers.
According to statistics, accidents are prone to happen for several reasons. For instance, any misplaced cone that drivers cannot see from afar will lead to car crashes because they didn’t slow down the speed from a reasonable distance. They also create horrible traffic and work disruptions.
Moreover, dirt, stones, and other hazards form bumps on the road. At night, lights around the site should be bright for anyone to see, but sometimes they get burnt and the whole site becomes dark. In case of an accident, you should act quickly and we are here to point you in the right direction.

Call an Ambulance

The first and most crucial thing to do immediately after an accident is to call an ambulance. You should get yourself or your loved one medical help because you can never know the extent of the injury. Sometimes the injuries don’t present themselves immediately after you get hit, so don’t ignore going to a hospital if you can walk and are fully conscious. Also, a sign indicating a crash should be hanged for other cars to see and move bystanders into a safer place.

File a Report

You should call the police and report the whole accident, especially the reason behind it, to guarantee your rights. If there is any negligence that led to the accident, anyone involved should be questioned and held accountable. It’s important to take photos and document the scene because these cases sometimes go to court.
Your insurance company should be aware of the situation to send inspectors and measure the amount of damage caused to your car. Some people invest in life insurance and this is when it comes in handy as it pays for all the expenses. In the case of death, a huge amount of money is paid to the family of the deceased.

Legal Assistance

Taking your report to an attorney’s office will take the hassle away from you. You are not a law expert, so in case you are injured in an accident, you can ask for a free consultation before even stepping foot into a law firm. They will take over and take statements from all of the people affected in the accident including the eyewitnesses. People will constantly try to get out of a lawsuit without paying compensation money. You shouldn’t settle nor let them off the hook easily because they deserve to pay for the damage they caused you.
Furthermore, lawyers will handle all negotiations, even with your insurance company. All you need to do is hand them the police report, medical reports, and all the bills you had to pay because of the accident. They will take it from there and ensure that they turn the settlements in your favor.

Go to Court

Sometimes, even after months of negotiations, the company at fault doesn’t budge or accept to pay a proper amount. If that happened, you should take your case to court and expect them to try to dismiss your case. You shouldn’t settle because all the medical and legal documents will support your claim. That’s why any signed paper shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can save you in court and convince the judge that you should be compensated. 

Drive Safely 

After you get your compensation and heal from all the injuries, you need to focus on avoiding other people’s mistakes. Accidents are sudden and cannot be expected, however, they can be avoided, or at least their results can be less severe. For instance, never lose concentration or take your eyes off the road.

If you pass by any construction site and you notice that there are any neglected precautions, you should report it to the authorities to prevent any future accidents. You can save lives by only paying enough attention to your surroundings.
Don’t hesitate to ask for your rights, you should pursue any claim until the end. Regardless of the pressure you face, you will find people that will side with you. Also, the law is on your side and will punish whoever caused any loss of life. Putting compensations aside, your physical condition is above all else and should be your main concern if you suffered from injuries.


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