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What Kind Of Floors Should You Use For Your Garage?

What Kind Of Floors Should You Use For Your Garage?

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A garage has so many functions, it is a tool shed, a workshop, a car park and a store room all in one. There are heavy vehicles going in and out of the garage and it tends to be naturally crowded. There will be oil and paints spill, tool scratches, oil leaks everywhere on the walls, shelves and even the floor. Which is why, a garage needs a resistant, stain-free and durable floor.
While selecting a floor for a garage, functionality overcomes design and visual appeal. Some of the popular choices for garage floors are epoxy, polished concrete, vinyl flooring, and stone flooring.
We’ll explain each of them in detail and help you choose the best garage flooring options for you!

Epoxy Flooring

A garage floor epoxy is a really smart and feasible option. Epoxy coating is known to be tough and long lasting. It can be used on a large range of floors and you can combine it with stone or concrete floors to get an even stronger floor with increased endurance and durability. Epoxy coatings are available in a large range of colors and are really easy to clean. One thing to keep in mind is that the base for the epoxy does not trap moisture because epoxy is not recommended for floors that absorb moisture.

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors happen to be one of the most popular choices for garage floors and here’s why: As the name suggests, they are strong. They are known to be resilient and resistant to hard stains and can bear high pressure work. Another great thing about concrete is that it is one of the cheapest flooring options, hence easily affordable for anyone. You can pair it with epoxy coating to get a strong finish and make it even more easier to clean! Concrete floors give you a lot of functionality at a really low price and it’s a non zero sum game for everyone.

Stone Flooring

Strong and durable materials like quartz, granite, soap stone etc can be relied on for so many things like kitchen floors, countertops, shelves, fireplace frame and garages! The reason being their strength, durability and a high resistance to stains. This comes in real handy with the frequent oil and paint spills in the garage.
Stone flooring is a relatively expensive option but a great investment nonetheless! Granite and quartz are also known for their beautiful textures, and can provide a visual detail to your garage as well, because of course a garage doesn’t only need to be a dull and boring working space.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are considered to be a luxurious coating for low traffic garages. If you don’t have any heavy mechanical work going on in your garage, you can definitely go for a vinyl moment. Vinyl coatings come in many different colors and can really upgrade the look of your garage, bringing a brighter vibe to it.
And on top of that they are really easy to clean, you don’t need any special cleaning agents for them they do well under the common cleaning products you have at home. Vinyl floors can be easily scratched or damaged by any forceful work so make sure if you want a vinyl floor, your garage does not have a very high traffic!
You can pretty much use any kind of floors for garages,  there’s no restriction in that, but what you need to do is find the best flooring options for your suitable use, because it is a long-term investment and will directly affect the real estate value of your home sooner or later. We’ve given you the most popular and recommended choices for a garage floor, that are low maintenance, affordable and durable!


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