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What Is Powder Coating and Who Needs It?

What Is Powder Coating and Who Needs It?

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This process coating has been around since the 1960s, yet most people wouldn’t have a clue what it is. If someone was told the industry includes Teflon, they might have more of an idea. The uses and applications of the process have continually expanded over time, largely due to its benefits. So what is it, and who’d need it? Let’s find out.


This is a dry-finishing procedure used to make certain surfaces tougher than if they were covered in traditional liquid paints. A dry compound resembling baking flour is applied electrostatically (ESD means Electrostatic Spray Deposition). The powder type will be either:

  1. Thermoset polymer

  2. Thermoplastic

A chemist would advise that the powder comprises polymer resin systems with added curatives. These would include leveling agents, flow modifiers, and pigments.

How the Process Is Completed

Once the compound has been applied, it will usually be cured using UV (ultraviolet) light or by placing it in a heated oven. A powder coating oven manufacturer sells them for this purpose, as well as for dehydrating, drying, pre-heating, heat shrinking, and testing purposes. Such ovens come in literally scores of sizes to ensure they fit within the available factory spaces. Manufacturers also cover such needs as installation, repair and maintenance, and the issue of spare parts.

The Benefits

We mentioned the protective nature of treating certain items. Anyone wishing their product to be faded or rust-proof will consider the process, as well as those trying to reduce vulnerability to scratches and chipping. This covering will not just outlast standard paints but will be cheaper too. Another thing to consider is the aesthetic element. Products can acquire a pleasant appearance because of the diversity of the compound used. An item can be covered using a huge range of colors, and the textures can be varied as well.

Some scientists mention the term ‘simplified environmental compliance’ when referring to this procedure. What they are referring to is the absence of solvents during the process, which in turn benefits the environment.


Farmers buy a host of agricultural machinery in order to do their jobs. They are also a great example of people who benefit from this technology. If a tractor has been made in this way, it will be more resistant to rust. It is designed to be used outside, so it’s essential it is inherently weather-resistant. Treated materials function well when hot. As an example, this would be a real benefit for a farmer mowing a large field over several hours.

Office Workers

Most people use treated products without realizing it. The average office worker will have computer cabinets and file drawers on their premises. They may also be using laptops, computers and have other electronic components present. All may have undergone this procedure. When an office worker- or anyone for that matter – reaches for their mobile phone, they will be holding a treated item right there.

The Vehicle Industry

Cars, motorcycles, and bikes all use metal parts that can get hot during use and need to be resilient. Think about wheel trims or hubcaps. Under the bonnet (hood) of a car, there are such items as radiators or shock absorbers. Entire car frames also receive the treatment, some other examples are ashtrays and antennas, luggage racks, and roll bars. There are trailers and hitches and even windscreen wipers as well.

Makers of Appliances

When something experiences lots of temperature changes, it can have an adverse effect upon it. That’s why this process is so key. Think about washing machines or dryers. There’s also microwaves, fridges or vending machines. All stand to benefit here.

Lovers of Furniture

Someone may have metal shelving and metal light fixtures indoors. Their doors and frames may also be made of treated metal. In the garden, there is sun and rain, heat and cold. People benefit from having weather-resistant lawn chairs or patio furniture. Their barbecue may be left outside during the winter too, and need protection.

The Construction Industry

This is a huge financial concern that has become more and more dependent on the surface treatment process. Examples are windows and doors, fences, and poles.

On a larger scale, one could consider building facades and entire sports stadiums. This brings us to…

Sports Fanatics

Exercise bikes get treated before they are sold. So do golf clubs, basketball hoops, or ski poles. There’s also boat frames, fishing rods, archery equipment, and ping pong tables, added to that are roller skates, snowshoes, and bike racks and stands.

The list goes on, but these days people want their purchases to be resilient to temperature and long-lasting. They want them to look good as well as fit for purpose. This treatment process provides an economical and environmental solution for all.


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