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What is a good size for a pergola?

What is a good size for a pergola?

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Summertime is great for outdoor living; pergolas can help achieve a perfect outdoor sitting area. These low-maintenance garden structures have an open framework of evenly positioned posts supporting crossbeams, originally covered with vines. They are popular among homeowners for providing outdoor dining, relaxing and entertaining areas free from the sun and elements.

They also add beauty and charm to yards, increasing the value of homes. But choosing the right size for a pergola is important. You must ensure your pergola is the right fit for your garden and provides the desired level of privacy and protection from the sun and other elements.

A pergola that is too small will not provide enough shade or privacy, while a pergola that is too large will dominate the outdoor space and may not be aesthetically pleasing. Here are considerations for determining a good size for a pergola.

Learn about Pergola Dimensions

Pergolas are typically made with different widths, depths, and heights. The width is the distance from one side to the other, while the depth is the distance from the front to the back. On the other hand, the height is the distance from the ground to the top of the beams. Select dimensions based on your outdoor space, climate, purpose, and pergola style you want.

Consider Your Future Plans

Generally, pergolas for outdoor dining need to be wider to provide more space for a table and chairs. On the other hand, smaller pergolas pair well with a small bistro set. Pergolas for relaxing can be larger if you want more space for sunbathing and seating or smaller if you only need to accommodate a hammock and a few chairs.

Use a larger pergola to create a grand entrance to your property or a shady oasis in a hot climate. If you want to add a touch of elegance to a patio or deck, use a small pergola.Use a pergola with a large overhang if you want to provide shade for a pool or create a covered walkway between two buildings.  A well-designed pergola can enhance your outdoor living space, no matter the size. Consider the versatility of aluminum pergolas for a durable and stylish addition to your landscape.” – Owner of Precision Landscaping

Measure Available Space

Assess the amount of space you have accurately and select a fitting pergola that provides the desired level of shade and privacy. Start by measuring the depth and width of the space to get an idea of the basic dimensions of the pergola.

Consider the yard layout, including the location of sunlight and shade. If there are any existing structures in the space, such as a patio or deck, you must ensure that the pergola fits around them.

Use an accurate measuring tape and take multiple measurements to ensure consistency. In case the space is irregular, perform some estimation. Also, remember your future plans. Keep in mind the number of people using the pergola, and ensure there is enough space for the furniture you intend to add.

Remember Aesthetic Balance

Generally, large pergolas make properties look larger and grander, while smaller pergolas create an intimate, cozy vibe. However, ensure the pergola is proportional to the size of your house and outdoor features.

An oversized pergola will overwhelm the space, while a too-small pergola will look out of place. It should also match the style and color of your house and outdoor features. Select a sleek design pergola with a metal roof if you have a modern home. If you have a traditional home, go with a pergola made from wood with a classic design.


The size of the pergola can affect the amount of shade and protection it provides. Generally, bigger pergolas block more sun rays because they have bigger roof space. Also, the larger the overhang, the bigger the shade underneath. Pergolas with larger overhangs are especially suitable for hot climates to create more shade. Alternatively, you can pick a pergola with a higher roof.

On the other hand, people in cold climates may want smaller pergolas with smaller overhangs to allow more sunlight inside the structures. Alternatively, pick a pergola with a lower roof to allow more sunlight. In any case, pergolas with large overhangs must be made deeper than those with smaller ones.


Pergolas come in different sizes and styles to suit different climates, purposes, available space, and property styles. Use the above-mentioned factors to select the right pergola style and size for your property. Also, keep in mind local regulations. Check to see that you are not violating any building codes.

To buy pergolas, please visit the JOYSIDE website. We are a renowned supplier of outdoor furniture, including gazebos, pergolas, wicker furniture, etc. Reach out with your questions and specifications, and we’ll be happy to help you find a suitable pergola for your property.


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