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What is a General Contractor & How to hire a GC?

What is a General Contractor & How to hire a GC?

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If you are planning to start a large-scale construction project or want to renew your old-styled kitchen, then a general contractor is your go-to person.  
In large-scale building projects, various tasks must be performed by different skilful persons like general contractors in Maine in their respective fields. For example, the project may involve floorings, carpeting, heating, air-conditioning, painting, roofing etc.  
So, an expert is required who can manage and coordinate all these tasks and make sure to complete them in time. 

What is a General Contractor? 

A general contractor is like an all-in-one person whose duty is to oversee and organize all the construction duties. He can hire experts in the field to perform the required tasks. He also ensures that the project is completed on time.  
So, we can safely say that your project’s result depends mostly on a general contractor’s skills and expertise. So, hiring a well-suited person for this job is a crucial task. 

Duties of a General Contractor: 

A general contractor has wide-ranged obligations. Mainly a general contractor is responsible for: 
1. Cost estimate 
A general contractor’s first task is to estimate the project cost after going through the specifics of the projects. When estimating the cost, he considers the cost of building materials, labor fees, etc. 
2. Time Management  
A general contractor must ensure that the project is finished on the agreed time between the owner and him. So, he surveys the onsite work, solves any arising problems and checks that the project goes as planned. 
3. Hiring 
He can hire subcontractors for the project. The difference between general contractors and subcontractors is that subcontractors are experts in only one field. They can do the task of an electrician or flooring.  
So as per the requirement of the construction model, a general contractor hires subcontractors and gets the task done by them. 
4. Contacting Suppliers and vendors 
A subcontractor has to look for vendors and suppliers to get the construction materials required. He/She also keeps a check on the quality of the material. 
5. Equipment Management  
A general contractor has to arrange different equipment required during the project, such as excavators, backhoes, bulldozers etc. 
6. Coordination 
One of the main tasks of a general contractor is coordination between different persons involved. Coordination is really important for the project to go smoothly. He has to manage the timings of different workers and provide the manufacturing material on time. 
7. Progress 
Once the project begins, a general contractor will look after the result and progress. He may hire more workers if it’s going at a slow pace. He keeps a day-to-day check and balance on workers. 
8. Dealing with Onsite Issues  
It is no surprise that many issues surface during construction projects. There may be documentation issues, problems with cash flow or vandalism. It is up to a general contractor to deal with them. 
9. Safety Responsibility  
A general contractor should examine the work ethics of the workers and ensure that they follow all the safety guidelines.  
10. Ensuring cleanup 
A worksite becomes a mess after the construction ends. It is included in the duties of a general contractor to get the place cleaned by the hired workers. 

How to Hire a General Contractor  

Now that we know what a general contractor is and how essential he/she is for the project, we must know some key points for hiring one. 

Go for Licensed general contractors. 

Before hiring a general contractor, ensure he has a license and expertise in the field. Every country has different criteria for getting a license of a general contractor. Some countries require passing a test before issuance of a license.  
Whatever the conditions are, it’s always better to hire a general contractor with a license. CCR buyers guide can help you in this regard.  

Look Past Working Experience.  

If you consider someone a general contractor, first search about his past experiences. Check if he has done this type of work beforehand or not. 

Check Expertise  

Each construction work has its demands. If you are going to renew your kitchen, then someone with knowledge about kitchen designs, appliances, cabins and shelves and an eye for detail would be preferable.  
But if you want to hire a general contractor for a large commercial project, someone with skills in material buying, electricity, plumbing and carpeting would be more suited. 

Good Communication Skills 

A large part of a general contractor’s job is coordinating between different parties. So, his/her communication skills should be very good. Moreover, he/she should be able to manage the entire working team together. 

Bid Comparison  

A bid is the estimated amount of the project, and that is calculated beforehand. Compare the bids offered by different contractors to get an idea about market prices.  
Of course, the project’s original cost will be different, but the bid gives you a close idea. 


When interviewing a general contractor, make sure he is a professional one. Look for his way of dealing with people and his ability to grasp your vision and discipline. A professional general contractor can ease your life to a great extent. 


In essence, a general contractor is the first crucial step that decides the destiny of your project. You must ensure that you hire a well-suited person for this job. With the right person, you won’t have to lift a finger to achieve your dream result for the project.  


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