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What Happens When You Drink Green Juice Daily

What Happens When You Drink Green Juice Daily

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Do you hate green veggies just like the universe hates cilantro? But before you boycott greenery from your dining table, here is a thing. No one else can befriend your health as much as green veggies. What if you take them daily? Well, your health will thank you as you age. A step towards green is a step towards health. Green juices are now a popular drink choice, acquiring most screens over the internet. It may look like a scary drink at first, but for health-conscious people, it is no less than a magic potion.  

Benefits Of Drinking Green Juice Daily 

Green juice is super healthy. The best part is it allows you to add anything from green veggies to fruits and make it a nutritious drink. In a world where everyone overlooks the importance of a nutritious diet, these drinks are a super savior. Get yourself packed with a diet rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamin C, folate, fibers, and potassium with green juices.  

Digestive Benefits 

Green juices mostly contain vegetables and fruits rich in fiber. Fibers are your gut’s best friend. There is always a need to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria, and fibers are experts in doing this job efficiently. The good bacteria of the gut are highly dependent upon the fiber content of the food to aid digestive health. The fiber bulk in food delivers satiety and allows it to stand longer in the gut, making you feel less hungry. Good digestive health demands green juices rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, and potassium.  

Alkalizing Effect 

When you wake up in the morning, your body is more acidic. In order to neutralize this acidity, your body starts extracting elements like potassium, sodium, and calcium from the bones. This process can make your body deficient in vital minerals in the body. Green juices have the alkalizing effect that hydrates and nourishes every cell and clear out the toxins. The pH balance of the body is crucial to maintain for carrying out important life processes to rejuvenate each cell.   


Green juices rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, are beneficial for your immunity. The antioxidant properties of green juices protect the body against oxidative damage caused by free radicals in the body. It also aids in other metabolic activities happening inside the body, thereby strengthening immunity. Some of the vegetables that are good sources of vitamin C are spinach and kale. Vitamin C also promotes Iron absorption that helps in the proper supply of oxygen in the body.      

Weight Loss 

Green juices are weight-loss friendly. They are high in nutrients and low in calories. If you are on a diet, then start your day with drinks low in calories and high in energy. Green juices will be your best friend for this purpose. Weight loss plans work more effectively when your metabolism is perfect. Boosting your metabolism will be a great way to start your weight loss process, and making green juices a part of your daily diet can help improve that. These juices are rich in insoluble fibers promoting satiety. You have to be more cautious about adding artificial sweeteners for weight loss green juices.  


Inflammation can turn into chronic illness if not looked up. Green juices are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and have a healing effect on the body. It will help your body fight against inflammation in the gut and burst you with high energy levels. A perfect drink to kickstart your day towards a healthy lifestyle.  


Toxins keep on accumulating in the body with time, detoxification becomes crucial in such cases. The liver is known for carrying out the detoxification process. Green juices are said in a Health Canal publication to be efficient in improving liver health and making it more efficient in clearing out toxins. Juices don’t stay longer in the stomach as they immediately move towards the intestine, keeping you hydrated. Flush the toxins out of your body with a daily dose of nutrition with fresh green juices. Include more cruciferous vegetables like spinach, celery, kale, Swiss chard, citrus fruits, and kiwis.  

The Bottom Line 

Nutritious drinks and smoothies may look like hard stuff to push down the throat, but your body will thank you later. This super-nutritious drink has the bulk of vitamins and minerals good for preventing any type of deficiency. The plant enzyme and phytonutrient fill the nutrients gap that often remains unfulfilled by an unhealthy diet. When it comes to taking this drink daily, daily is a good choice until it’s in moderation. Green juices in moderation improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the diet. If you are not a big fan of whole green veggies, consider supplements rich in nutrients.  


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