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What are the types of thermostats?

What are the types of thermostats?

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The thermostat is a device for maintaining a constant temperature. The most common type of thermostat is a bimetallic plate in which one of the metals expands and contracts more than the other. In this way, the strip bends and unbends when a certain temperature is reached. When cooled the strip straightens out, closing the contact, and heating resumes. Thermostats control the temperature of various devices by means of a control system. They are used daily in appliances with different functions, its operation relates to cooling or heating. The thermostat functions offer convenience in operation, the use of a thermostat ensures economical use of resources and there is no need to monitor and set temperatures manually.
Two-Pole and Single-Pole Thermostats
A single-pole thermostat is a system that cannot be switched off completely, it has only a minimum setting for temperature heating. A two-pole thermostat is used in heating systems that can be switched off completely.
Wall-Mounted Thermostat and Built-In Thermostat
An integrated control unit is convenient to install if the wall decoration is already complete. An electronic wall thermostat offers more precise control of the system and helps save energy. A flush-mounted thermostat should be selected when planning renovation work.
Mechanical or Electronic
A mechanical thermostat has a relay with two metal plates that bend when the temperature changes. This switches the heating on and off within 1 to 3 degrees of your set temperature. The electronic thermostat has a digital temperature sensor that determines the temperature more accurately. The sensor monitors the room temperature within 1 degree or less of your set temperature.
Energy Saving Thermostats
At the current stage of development of the building industry in the construction and reconstruction of buildings, the actual direction is the reduction of energy consumption for maintenance of optimal temperature conditions of rooms due to the improvement of heating systems. Equipment of heating devices with individual automatic thermostats allows reducing consumption of thermal energy for heating by 10-20% at the expense of reduction of unproductive expenses of heat, an account of heat inflows with solar radiation, internal heat allocations, reduction of air exchange in heated premises. When selecting a thermostat, pay attention to the range of temperature fluctuations, the more it changes from the set value, the more energy is wasted.
There are various models of thermostats available. Braeburn thermostats are designed to control centralized air handling systems – air heating. It performs the functions of heating, cooling, and ventilation. This thermostat can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings. It can use either its own or a remote temperature sensor, which is supplied separately.
LUX thermostats provide comfort, and convenience and are energy efficient. It saves money and the environment. Comes with pre-programmed default heating and cooling schedules, that are designed to save up to 33% on energy costs throughout the year, as well as help reduce your carbon footprint. You can rest assured that it is a safe and environmentally friendly choice for your home. Lux Products Corporation has been producing quality products for the home since 1914. The company’s full line of electronic and mechanical thermostats offers models for virtually every heating and cooling application. See how you can save money and conserve energy with Lux.
Ecobee thermostats is a company from Canada, its original smart thermostat was presented in 2008, a new era of home automation. Controlling it via an app or voice commands saves a significant amount of money on your monthly energy bills. You will be able to fully automate and optimize climate control.
When choosing a thermostat, it’s important to find a quality manufacturer. HVAC supplier from Chicago has over 30 years of experience. Everyone will be able to find the right product for any type of space. The brand offers HVAC equipment from Chicago. Be sure to pay attention to the reviews when purchasing an item.  HVAC Supply Company has a base of satisfied customers, secure online payment, and a loyalty system. You can purchase for more than $999 and get hassle-free shipping.
Thermostats can be used in both domestic and industrial applications. The thermostat’s uninterrupted operation means you don’t have to worry about climatic conditions. You can save time and energy by using a thermostat.


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