Waterproof Fairy lights, are they really waterproof?

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Recently, experts completed installing some lovely fairy lights beneath the eaves of the newly constructed summer cottage in the yard. While waterproof fairy lights look wonderful, Fusion Lighting wanted to ensure that they were suitable for outdoor use, therefore they need waterproof fairy lights.
If fairy lights have an IP65 rating for hanging from outside structures and trees or an IPX-8 rating for constantly submerging in water, such as in a garden pond, they are waterproof for outdoor use. If they don't have these ratings, using fairy lights outside is unsafe.
Let's examine fairy light waterproofing in more detail and discover what safety ratings to look for when buying them.
Can Fairy Lights Be Used Outside?
Fairy lights are straightforward decorative lights designed for outside use. Although they feature much smaller bulbs and much closer bulb proximity than string lights, they have the same general appearance.
The best comparison for fairy lights is therefore to Christmas lights. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, but white and tiny bulbs are the most common.
Are my fairy lights really waterproof?
The majority of fairy lights are waterproof because they typically have an IP65 rating for general protection and an IP 8 rating if they will be submerged in water (more on these ratings below). Since your fairy lights will be used largely outside, you must take this precaution to lessen the risk of damage.
Check the packaging when buying fairy lights to determine if they are in fact protected in this manner. If the lights are waterproof, that information needs to be on the list of package attributes.
Are Waterproof Copper Fairy Lights Available?
Although more expensive, copper fairy lights are a common choice that looks great in many different environments. Because copper wiring can be bent and sculpted into a wide range of shapes, they are widely used. They are therefore easy to use to make a variety of beautiful patterns, particularly for Christmas. But are they water resistant? Here's how to solve the problem.
On the package of any fairy lights, look for the four-digit IP65 code. This marking lowers the risk of shock and shows how waterproof your lights are. You can infer two different things from the last two digits. The last two numbers of IP, which stands for Ingress Protection, indicate two different things. The first (6) certifies that your lights are impervious to dust and that no solid object can harm the building.
The second digit indicates that the light string can survive low-pressure water (5). Your lights should be covered from the majority of rain, snow, and ice because they can endure water from any angle. All wire-containing equipment, not just lights, receives this grade. For instance, many speakers offer the same level of protection as these fairy lights because they are rated IP65.
Conclusion: - In the end, if you purchase fairy lights for outdoor use, check to see if they have an IP65 waterproofing certification. This will ensure that you are safe for regular outdoor use in wet weather. If you plan to put your fairy lights in the water, such as a pond or water feature, be sure they have an IPX-8 rating for use underwater to depths of over one meter.

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