Water System Operators Must Be Correctly Certified

As a water system decision-maker, builder or landowner involved in construction, it is important to ensure that you have a correctly certified water system operator. This will not remove your responsibilities to provide clean drinking water and an efficient as well as safe wastewater removal system, but this will make sure that you have done all that you can to ensure that there is a fully qualified water system operator. Thus, as a construction firm or landowner you must be clear as to the role of a water systems operator and how to ensure that your water system management for new builds and housing development is done in a professional and public safety manner.

What do water operators do?

The water system operator provides input to the construction enterprise and owners/water system decision-maker as to the future maintenance, management and any contingency plans as to the water supply to the development or planned housing. Making plans and writing reports to update the public information on the specific water system, noting new connections, sources and how treatment is carried out. They are an essential component of the entire water cycle and if you are serious about sustainable and green water use then you must have a fully qualified water systems operator.

The certifications they need and why.

Water operators must be informed and up to date as to the latest water regulations in each state for water safety in order to keep their licenses or certifications. Water is a non-renewable resource that is dwindling, and the quality thereof has been a countrywide challenge. Linking to, and or, using the public water system is a risk in that any contamination can lead to the ill health of millions. We are all aware of the Flint Michigan water crisis and how poor water management and poorly qualified water system operators and inadequate water management led to life-changing consequences for the water uses of the town.

Continuing education for up-to-date water system skills

The 16 contact hour CA water treatment operator CE class online is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you have the right water operator skills in your construction enterprise. This is a way to keep the existing staff who know your business systems and processes and simply retrain and update their skills to ensure that you provide the best care for water systems as is possible.

If you are in the building and construction sector you will need water, without legal access to the right water sources you cannot even start to build. Once built, the development will not be signed off for habitation unless the water supply and wastewater removal systems are certified and approved by the state water board. The risk involved in not having the right water systems operator can ruin your business. It is an easy step to take yet must be taken in the right direction to make sure that your water is safe and protected.

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