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Viper WRL USA, a Viper rope lubricators series

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Viper WRL USA, a Viper rope lubricators series

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Wire rope lubrication increases the safety and the operating life of the rope. When done correctly, it lubricates both the exterior surfaces and the inside wires and core. When the personal wires move over one another, adequate lubrication lowers friction and guards against deterioration. On the other hand, lubricating wire rope can be difficult. A messy, time-consuming, and possibly dangerous maintenance task is manual lubrication using a spatula, drop, brush, or rubber glove. Viper WRL benefits vastly outweigh the drawbacks of manual application techniques. Here are some Viper rope lubricators series and their function.
Quick and effective wire rope lubricating in a single pass

  • The lubricating procedure is sped up and made simpler.
  • up to 1.2 miles per hour, lubricates (2,000 meters per hour).
  • It minimizes downtime.
  • increases equipment availability

Takes out manual lubrication

  • improves security
  • decreases mess and leaks
  • lessens the lubrication required

Grease pump with high pressure and flow

  • It is certain that grease will penetrate.
  • The rope core is freed of moisture.
  • It offers total covering even with very large ropes.

How does the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator function?
The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator has a collar assembly that houses polyurethane seals customized to a certain cable rope size. The assembly is wrapped in the cable and fastened to a permanent position. The collar is then used to draw the cord. Scraper plates made of stainless steel are used to clean the cable by removing debris, old lubricant, and dust. They also flatten the seals before relubricating the cable.
The high-flow, high-pressure grease pump delivers the lubricant, forcing it between the strands and into the wire rope core. As a result, only a tiny layer of lubricant is present on the wire ropes outside strands, which are completely lubricated.
Vulcan system parts
The collar of the Viper MK II acts as its beating heart. The collar has a robust protective coating composed of high-grade cast aluminum, and it is finished with stainless steel hardware for the best corrosion resistance. The MK II collar is easy to hold with one hand thanks to the built-in grips. One person can easily fasten the Viper to the rope.
The supplier possesses both every piece of the required equipment and the whole standard kit. The kit can be set up quickly. Depending on the size of the wire cable, seals and scraper plates are selected. If you need more than one wire cable size, you can order extra scrapers and seals.
The following things are included in the Viper MK II Kit:

  • Viper MK II high-strength collar
  • High-pressure, high-flow viper grease pump
  • 13-foot-long gauge 1/2-in lubricant supply pipe with an isolation valve and air regulator (4 meters).
  • Metering valve for a lubricant at high pressure
  • Drain the hose to check for lubricant
  • keeping shackles and ratchet straps in place
  • Strong storage container made of aluminum.
  • The collar incorporates a useful carrying strap.

Conclusion: – In addition to wire rope lubrication, the experts are happy to offer reliability and lubricant recommendations for a range of industries and applications, as well as product-specific information on all of the products to help you make the best decision possible.


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