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Understanding the Different Types of Contractors

Understanding the Different Types of Contractors

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In need of home renovation but lack the skill or time or desire to get in there and do it yourself? What do you do? Bring on a contractor. What kind of contractor? Silly question, because they are all the same, right? Wrong. Electricians aren’t necessarily skilled carpenters. Carpenters aren’t necessarily crack masons. If you’re interviewing for a tile project, and the contractor in question doesn’t have a wet tile saw, you may want to look elsewhere.
Now it is true that some contractors are jacks-of-all construction trades, capable of handling any job you’re looking to fill. But most contractors specialize. If yours is a large-scale, multi-faceted project, a general contractor will likely be at the helm, managing a team of subcontractors who handle the specifics. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of contractors you’re most likely to need for your project.

Eventually, almost every project is going to need some paint. Whether you’re talking about interior or exterior work—perhaps both—you want efficient and meticulous painters on the job. Of course, painting is a task that tempts so many do-it-yourselfers, even the greenest of the green. After all, most of us can technically apply some paint. It’s easy to get in over your head, though, and a misbegotten paint can turn into the kind of debacle that really sticks with you, so think long and hard before you give it a go on your own.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you definitely don’t want to try your hand at electrical work. Here, mistakes can prove lethal. So when any sort of wiring needs done, call on that true pro.
When it comes to construction, there’s perhaps no role more fundamental than carpentry. From framework to cabinetry, if your project involves wood, you’re going to need a skilled carpenter.
When homeowners shut their eyes and envision that dream home renovation, a beautiful new roof generally doesn’t come to mind. But the fact of the matter is, every structure has a roof. Roofing may not be glamorous work, but it is essential, whether we’re talking brand-new construction or roof replacement on an old home.
Concrete Contractors
Concrete may not be forever, but, once it’s down, you want it to last a long, long time. It’s true that most contractors can likely handle a little bit of concrete work—a sidewalk, a patio, a driveway. But when you’re talking about foundation work or a gorgeous concrete countertop, you want a professional with the right concrete tools and experience.
Perhaps landscaping may feel like a whole separate entity, but the fact is they are contractors, too. If you want a new lawn or a truly inspired landscaping motif that stops passersby in their tracks, you might want to call on a landscaping pro. Or perhaps you just don’t want to mow that lawn. That doesn’t make you lazy—no judgment here.
A drywaller with a deft touch is an under appreciated component in construction work. The walls in most homes are, in fact, drywall. And if they aren’t smooth—maybe you can spot seams running along your walls—that’s a good indication that the person who did the drywall lacked that deft touch. So, when you need drywall work done, make sure you’re getting a contractor with plenty of experience.
Skilled stonework is a beautiful thing to behold. And when you’re in the market for that stonework—from fireplaces to facades to brick walkways—you need a mason, who are true construction specialists.

Not everyone can put up a wall, but pretty much anyone can take one down. That sentiment leads a lot of folks to try their hand at whatever demo work they need done. People can get away with it, but sometimes demo work needs a deft touch, too. After all, there can be critical wiring and pipes in those walls.
And perhaps it can sound satisfying to get in there and sledgehammer away, but sometimes you want to knock something down without knocking everything else down around it. Ever heard of load-bearing walls? Think twice before handling demolition work on your own.
When your job requires a new foundation, you need to clear some earth before you get to work. That heavy-duty job requires heavy-duty equipment, and the people who truly know how to use it. In these instances, don’t hesitate to call on a professional excavator.
HVAC Professional
Whether you’re putting a system in new construction or your old system has a glitch or has broken down altogether, you need a knowledgeable pro to handle your heating and air-conditioning work. Fewer things feel like more of a construction emergency than losing your heat in the winter or your air-conditioning in the summer.
Tile Setter
Even semi-competent do-it-yourselfers can handle basic tile work. But it can be a bear, and it requires equipment like tile saws that most folks don’t have sitting around. So it can be a good idea to hire a professional tile setter, even when you’re just looking for basic tile work. And, indeed, if you’re looking for more artful tile work, or if you’re going with something a bit trickier to lay than ceramic tile—porcelain, for example—you should really think long and hard before getting in there and trying it yourself.
Of course, floors take more of a day-to-day beating than any other surface in the home. So, when flooring isn’t properly installed, mistakes in the process will reveal themselves in short order. From wood to carpet, when you’re putting new flooring down, leave it up to the flooring professionals. If you’re looking for tile flooring, your tile setter is the contractor for the job.
Bring in the Experts
This list covers the vast majority of contractors who may be required to tackle your project. Before you bring on the professionals, know precisely what you need and be sure to hire licensed, experienced contractors. If you’re planning to remodel your home in St George, Utah, it’s crucial to do your due diligence and research remodeling contractors St George Utah to ensure you hire the right team for the job.


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