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True Worth of Using Reclaimed Building Materials

True Worth of Using Reclaimed Building Materials

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We’ve all heard of the reclaimed materials craze that is sweeping the homes of nearly everyone who has ever thought to do a DIY project. Some projects take older materials and refurbish them into furniture worthy of selling for four or five times the original asking price. It can be a great way to keep older things from completely falling to disuse and heading to the landfill.  
Of course, when looking at a commercial renovation project, the idea of reclaiming furniture can seem a little small. Commercial projects are massive and constitute whole buildings. However, there are several ways that even commercial projects can incorporate some elements of reclaimed materials.  
In fact, using reclaimed building materials can offer a lot to a commercial construction project. The choice can offer many benefits including durability, cost-effectiveness, environmental impact, and a unique aesthetic value that can give the building a lot more substance than newly purchased materials.    

Save Money and Add Value 

More and more often, consumers are looking for ways to become more sustainable. Fortunately, green — or more sustainable — construction is a rapidly expanding industry that offers a lot to people who are willing to spend a little more time or a little more money on their projects upfront. Alternative materials for construction and renovation are far more prevalent now than they ever have been.  
For instance, many demolition project managers now look for ways to reuse and recycle home parts that can be salvaged. A large number of things can be saved from a home that will be demolished and resold as reclaimed building materials such as: 

  • Home appliances 
  • Bricks/Stones/Marble 
  • Lumber 
  • Doors 
  • Bathtubs/showers/toilets 
  • Light fixtures 
  • Cabinets 
  • Windows 
  • Flooring 

All of these things can make building a home much cheaper or can be scaled up to the commercial level where prices can also be significantly lower. Generally speaking, using reclaimed materials in your project can save you about 25% in costs. Finding salvaged building materials is somewhat like going to the thrift store — you may find a killer deal right off the bat, but you are likely to need to compromise on a few things. That added flexibility will not only help get the best deal on commercial renovation projects that use reclaimed materials but will also help add character to the building when completed.  

Opportunities Abound 

Many other opportunities might present themselves if your company is making a dedicated effort to use reclaimed materials for commercial renovation projects. For instance, investors who are looking for socially responsible investments may seek out your company. The number of investors focusing specifically on socially and environmentally sound business models is at an all-time high. 
Reclaimed building materials are a great way to start making your company greener in practice. These materials don’t require the use of raw materials since they are being recycled, which can take a profound load off of the company’s environmental footprint. Likewise, these materials are being saved from going to the landfill, which is another aspect of being more green.  
Green buildings also have several very real benefits for the contractors who are constructing and managing them. For instance, many green buildings that are using refurbished building materials or green materials are more likely to sell for a higher rate, have a lower environmental footprint, and have a higher social value.  
Using reclaimed materials on a commercial building refurbish can have significant positive aspects. The materials can typically be found at a cheaper rate and often add character to the building. Likewise, they can substantially reduce the environmental impact of the project and increase the social value.  


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