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Top Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Top Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Some people think that the guest posting is dead now. Well, that is not true. Why guest blogging is so important and how it can help you (spoiler: it will raise your traffic) you can read in detail in the Neil Patel material. And here, we will uncover the top finance blogs where you can publish your guest posts.

This article was prepared with the help of the guest posting service Adsy. Its team can help you to find the best finance blog for publishing and make all arrangements with this resource’s webmaster for you.

Domain Authority (DA) by the Moz Tool: 69/100
The resource covers such topics as earnings, accumulation, and reasonable spending of money. In the articles, the authors also cover different approaches to how money investments work. They do not accept articles related to politics and prefer an informative writing style.

DA: 68/100
This blog mainly publishes advice from the field of finance. They cover the management of personal money, career, and self-development. The articles are available to the general public and contain practical solutions for people.

DA: 56/100
This website focuses on investment materials. The blog reveals this topic in the context of self-development and profit. Text format: studies, tips, and answers to questions. Articles are written in plain language and are mostly intended for beginners.

DA: 77/100
On this resource, authors write not about earning more money, but rather what to do with the available resources. Here the reader can find out life hacks on using credit funds, building a career, and increasing productivity. A separate category is devoted to articles on how to live modestly and wisely.

DA: 66/100
This is a rather far-reaching blog that covers many financial topics. For example, there are articles on credit cards, banking, loans, investment, and insurance in separate categories. There are also simpler texts in the personal finance category. This resource will be valuable for financial enthusiasts with various levels of expertise on the matter.

DA: 69/100
The main focus of this platform is financial software. The content gives an overview of tools to use, their specifications, and recommendations on when to implement them. Guest practical tutorials directly related to Fintech are highly welcomed.

DA: 68/100
This resource is primarily focused on publishing articles about managing personal finances. Judging by the overview of topics, you can find not only how to save and earn money, but also where to find coupons and giveaways, and even recommendations on what to cook for dinner on a tight budget. Thus, as can be guessed from the title, the blog’s target audience are mainly mothers and housewives. The blog would be of great interest to a broader audience since it covers a wide range of valuable topics.

DA: 58/100
In this blog, one can find info not only about reaching financial goals, but also the latest pop culture news. Their motto is “We are all about having fun and helping you fulfill your financial plans.” The financial category is subcategorized as follows: Make, Save, Grow, Protect, Retire. Thus, it is clear that this resource’s guest posts should be as plain and understandable as possible. They will also appreciate the references to popular culture, mainly games, movies, books, and comics.

DA: 62/100
This is quite a substantial blog. The audience mostly consists of financial field professionals who are far from being newbies in business and investment and are looking for new knowledge, insider information, tips from professionals, and the latest news from the financial world. The style of published articles is not purely academic; however, highly discreet and informative. Guest posts without facts, figures, and authoritative links will not be accepted for publication.

DA: 59/100
Do you know the strategies and tips on how to make money like a pro? Are you ready to share them in the form of an article? Well, this is the platform for you! The resource accumulates tons of valuable info in the form of financial advice, useful tips, a selection of practical courses, and even real cases. All the materials are accessible to a broader public. The list of possible topics for this site is very wide, but it should fit the context.

How to Find Out Whether The Blog Suits You?

The list of top blogs above covers various platforms, although they are all about finance. There’s a great real estate and finance related digital offer on RealtyBizNews worth checking out too.

Therefore, it is crucial to study the target audience, style, and content of the resource of interest before negotiating with the webmaster for a guest posting. For example, the description of a real profit case is not suitable for a financial publication about wages’ economic distribution.
Also, an important factor is DA and other SEO-metrics. These are the key requisites to increase your traffic.

Analysis of the website, the preparation of the guest post, and communication with the webmaster are quite time consuming. That is why cooperation with guest posting services like Adsy can be so useful. You will save time, and you will be sure that your guest posting will be placed where you need it and how you need it.


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