Top 6 Reasons To Have A Cold Room In Your House

After the Covid19 pandemic, if there is one thing that mankind understood the importance of, then it is, Home!  Since then, we are always trying to find new and innovative ways we can change the dimensions of our house and make our stays more efficient. While we are on the subject of efficient living, have you heard about something called ‘Cold Rooms?’ 

We are sure you have, but you might be confused since most of the time, you have seen cold rooms in cold storage and restaurants. However, did you know that it is something you can get installed in your house too?

Now, we know what you might be thinking! 

A cold room installation at home must be expensive! Contrary to your belief, it can be pretty reasonable. Not saying it will be cheap, but with all the cost-effective benefits you are getting, it is worth it. 

What Is Cold Room 

In layman's terms, it is a large refrigerator which is almost resembling an entire room. Yes, you can regulate the temperature of the room, but most of the time, it is dry and below freezing to keep the food stored fresh. You can store food inside the cold room for months without being worried. Now, we will be talking about the other differences you can get from a cold room. 

Why Do You Need One? 

Here is why you need to install a cold room for your house if you are looking for a new update. 

  1. No More Wastage

Can you give us a total account of the total money you wasted last year, solely on food items which you have thrown away? Maybe they rot too soon because of the lack of proper storage or sudden travel plans, and you had to throw them away. 

When you have thrown the last ounce of butter every few months, It might not look too big. However, when you are looking at these items as a whole, you might have gotten a whole stick of butter from the amount you threw away. 

Thus, stop wasting your food unnecessarily. With properly installed cold storage, you do not have to worry about lack of storage or switching off your refrigerator when you are away. You can enjoy your travel plans and have fresh food when you return. 

  1. Great For Emergencies

If there is an emergency situation that has created a huge impact on our lifestyle, then it is definitely the Covid 19 pandemic. In the state of complete lockdown, the sheer panic of getting the minimum number of groceries every day kept us up all night. In emergencies like this, it would be a blessing to have a cold room. 

Plus, in sudden power cuts, the cold room can regulate a stable temperature for a longer period of time. Therefore, you are free from the worry of rotten food items when they finally get back the power.  

Plus, if you are dealing with power cuts more often, you do not have to worry about getting all the monthly groceries in bulk. Your house is secured for storage. 

  1. More Free Spaces

Here is what will happen if you do not have a cold storage unit (something that commonly happens). 
- You have to stuff everything in the refrigerator. 
- Your pantry is full and almost overflowing. 
- You have to declutter and throw away all the food items which will not survive the hot weather, and you do not have much space. 
- Your oven is becoming your pantry. 
Now, this is what will happen when you get a cold room professionally installed. 
- Your fridge can only be for the purpose of immediate food items. 
- You will be organizing your pantry better. Deciding on what you will need in the next few weeks. 
-You are decluttering your kitchen in a much more efficient way. 
- You have ample space for kitchen decoration, and it looks neat and tidy now. 
Now, you have to decide which is the better option. 

  1. Multipurpose

Why multipurpose? 
This is because, in cold storage, you can either dehumidify the entire storage or help to retain moisture in some of the food items. The temperature regulation ranges from -30 to +30. So, you can choose from anywhere in between based on the storage purpose.  So, now you can store food items ranging from frozen meat to fresh vegetables without the fear that they are going to go bad with time. 

  1. Buy Wholesale

Buying wholesale saves up a lot of money. We are able to budget better since discounts are always availed in bulk buys. However, the only reason why we are not able to practice this when it comes to food items is the trouble of storage.  Yes, you can buy meat for the entire month, but your tiny kitchen refrigerator is never going to be enough for that. Therefore, cold storage is that one-time investment that will allow you to save every month on your groceries.  Other than the advantage of not throwing away food items, you can now start practicing the format of buying in bulk.  

  1. Hygienic Storage

Isn't it amazing that your children are being fed fresh food every day? No, not fresh in the sense that you are buying the meat or vegetables every day, but cold storage is the highest form of equipment you can install, which is keeping everything prim and fresh.  Plus, cold storage is an airtight space that doesn’t allow the accumulation of bacteria. So, utmost hygiene is what you are looking for when it comes to the items you consume daily.  Unlike your refrigerator, you are not opening your cold storage every hour.  

Get Professional Installation! 

If you have finally decided to get cold storage for your house, get your house inspected by the professionals first. They will be able to suggest the perfect area for cold storage. If you have a basement, then their work is already done.  You can get wired racks in your cold storage, which can ease the changing and cleaning of the storage units. 
Call for the professionals today. 

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