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Top 6 Pool Deck & Patio Design Ideas

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Top 6 Pool Deck & Patio Design Ideas

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Summer is approaching, and the temperature is on the rise. Nothing beats a backyard swimming pool for refreshing hot day fun. However, choosing the right pool deck that best suits your landscape, without Pool Deck Resurfacing Challenges may be a daunting task.
An ideal pool decking should provide safe walking lines between diving boards, pool ladders, and slides. After all, the safety of the swimmer needs to come first when you are designing a pool. Find a design style that not only match the design of your swimming pool, but that best fits your lifestyle and needs as well.
The right design you choose, the better you enjoy your outdoor time. Some of the several advantages of having an idea pool cape around your yard include sunbathing, dining, socializing, relaxing, and playing games.
Continue reading through these six clear pool patio ideas and choose one that best meets your needs.

1.    Covered Patio

The covered patio is ideal for those who don’t work well in direct sunlight. It allows you to have pool fun without too much sun. Those with certain skin conditions mainly use the covered patio. If you are seeking to get comfort, then a covered patio is your choice. It offers a conducive space to entertain, relax and get the breeze.

2.    Garden Oasis

Garden Oasis is a pool idea that aims to enhance the pool’s natural setting. There is a limited seating area since the nearly entire area is covered with plants and natural materials.
You can choose to enclose the pool in a colorful cover to make your patio a serene escape where you can relax and rejuvenate, especially after a busy week.
The advantage with this decking idea is that any pool, ranging from the simplest to the most complex pool patio, can be manipulated into a garden oasis. You only need to add little containers or decorative planters.

3.    Outdoor room

The outdoor room patio design makes your area a prime spot for socializing and relaxing with your loved ones. With the introduction of furniture and a custom fireplace, your outdoor area can become a cozy setting like no other. You can easily make it a dining room if you enjoy dining on the patio.

4.    Backyard Retreat

The backyard retreat is the ultimate idea when it comes to poolside living. It encourages several outdoor and indoor activities. With a backyard retreat, you will enjoy lounging in the sun, dining, relaxing, or entertaining friends. Backyard retreat offers a conducive environment for guests, especially during a summer barbecue. It also offers romantic scenes that make you feel intimate when just your loved one is around.

5.    Timber decking

Timber decking is the best choice for those looking for something that requires little maintenance. It has recently gained popularity because many homeowners find it inexpensive to build. However, for better service, regular staining and sealing of wood are necessary. Regular staining prevents wood damage caused by water.
It is, therefore, necessary to factor in maintenance cost when you choose the wood pool decking idea. The material used to make this kind of pool deck looks like actual timber. However, it is made from plastic-like synthetic, and it’s a worthwhile investment.

6.    Sun deck

The sundeck is the perfect place to cool off, unwind and receive the sun’s warmth after having a swimming session. It offers a unique poolside relaxation. Sun deck resembles and assumes the look of some luxury hotels.

Final Thought

A well-designed pool deck is a great way to supplement a well-built swimming pool. It leaves your patio attractive and comfortable to spend your leisure.  If you don’t choose the right options, you might end up with one that’ll unnecessarily blow your budget. The above pool deck ideas can help you avoid Pool Deck Resurfacing Challenges and it’s actually better to have your pool deck resurfaced by a polished concrete and epoxy flooring contractor because they know how to grind the concrete the right way and work with it.. However, getting the right deck depends on several factors, including your pool type, yard size, local climate, and budget.


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