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Tips To Make An Office More Practical & Comfortable

Tips To Make An Office More Practical & Comfortable

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What does comfort mean?

When this article refers to “comfort” it means something more in-depth than just adding a nice sofa to the office for clients to sit on. “Comfort” refers to how satisfying and easy the space is to occupy for those who reside within it. This includes things that can be physically touched but it also extends into the overall aesthetic, layout, lighting, practical working spaces, and much more within the office space.
When you follow a people-led design methodology you keep comfort at the front of your mind. When people are comfortable in the workplace there is a higher level of satisfaction and happiness, which has been proven time and time again to improve profit. An employee who is comfortable in a space is one who is able to stay in a space, avoiding the distractions and unpleasantness that comes from working within a difficult work environment. They are able to put their best foot forward when it comes to managing clients and this is rewarding for the client, the employee, and the business.

Practical Considerations

If you’re finding it difficult to know where and what sort of comforts to add to the space, there are a plethora of options out there. Here are a few of the most common, practical comforts you probably hadn’t considered.

●     Office Seating

Comfortable, ergonomic seating helps to prevent issues such as back pain and RSIs (repetitive strain injuries). Having a comfortable, yet practical social space allows your team members to completely relax during breaks. This renews the mind and body and allows them to be more creative and to have a deeper connection and awareness about daily activities, roles, and responsibilities.

●     Office Panel Screens

A panel screen is great for creating the feel of a few more walls in an open-plan workspace. As seen here, there are plenty of modern options of panel screens that are aesthetically pleasing and are practical. Today, dividers have become popular in the workplace as a covid shield, but they can even offer you that slight bit of soundproofing you need in an open space.

●     Office Desks

This extends beyond adding mobile desks going for a modular approach to your setup. A desk that is easy to work in, and preferably one that has effective cable management and storage can help prevent cluttering and allow employees to work with greater efficiency. Standing desks might even be a good option to add to the workspace.

●     Lighting

Arguably the biggest instant change one can make in any space is adjusting the lighting to encourage a natural, soft, and sufficient supply of light. Curtains can be opened to allow in natural light, and lighting can be adjusted to mimic sunlight, to increase the mood of everyone in the office. You can even use lights for creating a statement and making the workplace look more appealing and allowing for creativity.

●     Color

While this is not directly linked to physical comfort, the interior of a workspace can help establish a sense of place and create a comfortable aesthetic in which one can work. A consistent color palette can help employees feel relaxed while in the workplace, creating a better output.

The Advantages

Employee satisfaction – Being able to feel happy and comfortable in a space is an important part of getting, optimizing, and retaining quality workers. Providing a quality working space allows employees to talk and cross-pollinate ideas.

  • Efficiency – Having a comfortable workspace helps cut down workplace tensions and potential issues and increases engagement. While one should take little breaks at regular intervals, deskbound jobs become much more tolerable if the space is comfortable.
  • Client Management – Regardless of the type of business, having a designated space to meet customers or your highly valued clients can help put forward a positive image of your business.

Regardless of whether you’re an established business, a new start-up, or anything between; taking an office’s ‘comfort factor’ into consideration can add value to the office workers’ work in ways that may be surprising.


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