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Tips for Living In Your Home During a Remodel

Tips for Living In Your Home During a Remodel

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Home Vendor News Tips for Living In Your Home During a Remodel

Living in your home during a remodel may not be ideal, but it could be your best option or perhaps your only option.  
You might not be able to move out for any number of reasons, like an inability to find a rental or cost restrictions of doing so.  
While it might not be your favorite time, the following are some tips to make it more manageable to live in your home during a remodel.  

Talk to the Contractor About Logistics 

There are certain things that you’re going to need onsite during a remodel, particularly if you’re going to live there.  
Quality portable restrooms are an example because you’re not going to want strangers to use your bathrooms.  
If the contractor isn’t going to provide some of these essentials, you’ll have to think about what your next steps should be as far as covering the costs.  
Your bathroom is a pretty personal place in your home, so it makes sense that you might not want people in and out of it.  
If no one is willing to rent a portable toilet, you may have to let contractors use your bathroom but have this conversation ahead of time as far as expectations.  

Protect Everyone in the House 

Kids, pets, and also elderly relatives who might live with you should be your priority if you’re going to stay home during your renovation. You want to keep them safe and out of the way of construction.  
A good way to do this is to create designated traffic and workspaces for the contractors and subcontractors.  
These can change over the course of the project, of course, as needed.  
You can repurpose rooms not being worked on to keep everyone separated from the work that is going on.  
Depending on your pets and the age of your children, you might have to set up temporary barriers.  

Make Use of Outdoor Space 

If you have outdoor space and the weather permits, make the most of use of it that you can during your remodel.  
For example, maybe you cook and eat outside much more than you would normally during your remodel.  
This can also be a place space for kids and pets, and if you have shaded areas, it can be where your family sits and relaxes. You can escape the dust and noise, which is always nice.  
If you can plan a remodel around the weather or seasons, that’s ideal.  
There are other benefits to planning a remodel during the warmer months aside from the chance it can give you to get outdoors.  
If you do a remodel in the winter, there are going to be contractors and workers coming in and out all day long, and the warmth will go with them. You might end up paying expensive utility bills, yet your house will still be chilly.  

Set Up a Separate Entrance for Workers 

Your life will be easier if you can set up a separate entrance/exit for workers. For example, maybe they come in through a backdoor. You can also try to make the entrance a place with space for them to store their tools or other items they might not leave with every day.  

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen 

If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, you need to set up a temporary space where you can do some of the cooking and washing.  
When you start the process of setting up a temporary kitchen, start by decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need. This will give you a head start when your new kitchen is done.  
Then, from there, set aside the essential tools that you know you use basically every day. Keep it to a minimum as much as you can.  
You’ll also need to get disposable dishware and cups.  
Depending on how long your kitchen might be out of commission, you might want to plan meals ahead of time, so you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll need. You’ll need a prep space, and you’ll also need water, which may not be running water.  
Your grill and microwave will be lifesavers when you’re cooking during a remodel.  
Finally, take care of your mental health. Going through a remodel isn’t easy, especially if you’re living on-site. 
 Do things on a regular basis that take you out of the house and the chaotic environment and that make you feel calmer and more centered.  
You’ll have to recognize that first, keeping your house tidy during a remodel isn’t necessarily an option, and second, it’s not going to be pleasant, but making it through to the other side will be worth it.  


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