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Tips for Going Green With Your Construction Business

Tips for Going Green With Your Construction Business

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Implementing a more green approach to your construction business can be a great way to do your part in helping out the environment. An environmentally friendly business will benefit you because it can save you money and draw in potential customers. You’ll be sure to feel great about the work you do since you’ll know that not only are you providing a quality product for your clients, but you are also doing work in a way that has minimal impact on the environment.


The types of materials that you use have a big impact on how green your construction business will be. Whenever possible, try to use materials that are nontoxic and that are recycled or prefabricated. Not only does this cut down on the cost, but these materials can often be stronger and of better quality, meaning they will last much longer than the alternative.
Also, consider which type of material best meets the business’ or individual’s needs. You want to choose a material that is functional, and also reflects the purpose of the building and style of the client. For example, when installing or replacing a roof you should consider the question: how long does a roof last? There are many materials to choose from that range from traditional asphalt shingles, natural slate, and even metal. The function and aesthetic of the building will help determine the type of material that you need. Take into consideration the longevity of each material as well as the sustainability and environmental impact of manufacturing.
Use materials effectively to conserve resources and minimize waste. Do your best to source materials from environmentally conscious companies, and buy local whenever possible.

Energy Efficient

A high quality and true green building is built to be energy efficient. You may consider using natural sources of power like solar panels on the roof or wind energy where the option is available. Using green methods to power the building can be less expensive for the client by saving money on utility bills.
An energy efficient system can also utilize natural light by taking into consideration the plan of the building, and designing it to take advantage of natural resources. You can also use LED lighting for less energy cost.
If the location and design allow for the collection of water, you could consider utilizing rain and stormwater to cut back on water usage. Make sure to install proper ventilation for good air quality.
Another good practice is to install energy-efficient appliances. This will cut back on ongoing energy costs for the customer.

Site Design

Carefully consider the site that the building will be built upon and try to design accordingly with minimal impact on the existing area. You want this new building to look like it belongs in the area. It’s best to try to use existing features to enhance the new building. Design the structure to complement the surrounding area and match the aesthetic. Use the shade provided by nearby trees and nearby buildings. Incorporate safe outdoor areas where people can gather and enjoy being outside, and where children can safely play.


Construction can produce quite a lot of waste. Do your best to limit the amount of waste by selecting environmentally friendly materials. Make sure that you plan ahead thoroughly so that you can closely estimate the amount of material needed for each job and use them efficiently. Any unused materials should be disposed of properly if they can’t be returned. You can also try to source any supplies and materials locally to reduce pollution and costs that come with transporting them.
There are many steps you can take to work towards a greener construction business. You can progress towards a more environmentally friendly business in stages if needed. Start off by being more mindful of your consumption and choice of materials to eliminate unnecessary waste. With just a few fairly simple strategies and practices, you can be on your way to a successful, greener business that attracts a steady stream of customers.


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