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Tips for Ensuring Quality Construction Work

Tips for Ensuring Quality Construction Work

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When it comes to construction projects, quality is essential. Construction quality management is designed to help ensure that your projects are done to the highest standards, assuring each project is safe for use and up to code.
Without some sort of quality management, mistakes are likely to go unnoticed, resulting in subpar work. This then leads to rework, which costs more money and may affect your reputation. To avoid these (and other) issues, here are a few tips for ensuring quality construction work.

Create Standards for Quality

When creating a quality management program, you need to research the specifications and requirements for each project. This information will then need to be created into a document and distributed to workers so that everyone is on the same page.
You also need to create a quality control plan as well as a quality assurance program. The plan should specify the requirements of the project and what procedures and practices will be needed to meet (and exceed) those requirements. The assurance program, on the other hand, should outline inspection requirements, their timing, and all reporting measures.

Set Training Standards

You likely need people to be in charge of quality management. They will need to understand how to do their jobs. This involves educating them on quality standards, requirements, and procedures. Setting training standards for these employees is a must. Providing them with the information they need will also allow them to educate those working under them about what standards must be met by the team.

Provide a Checklist

Providing checklists reminds workers to double-check the different components of the project, allowing them to make sure that nothing is left incomplete or incorrect. You can create checklists for every phase of the project, from delivery of materials to completion, so that nothing gets overlooked.
In today’s world, making checklists has never been easier. You don’t need to worry about keeping a paper list, which could easily get lost or ruined. Instead, you can use technology to create lists that can be accessed on mobile devices. These lists can be easily updated and distributed. Using checklists, you help to reduce punch lists. You reduce rework, which means you waste less time, money, and resources.

Take Photos

Even with the best standards, mistakes do happen. When mistakes happen frequently (and they’re similar in nature) this is when it becomes a big problem. Constant errors waste time and resources, frustrating workers and clients.
Fortunately, you can learn from mistakes. One way to do this is to take photos. Take pictures of incorrect work and then take a photograph of the corrected work. They’re powerful visual tools that can be understood by everyone. Photos can be made available in digital checklists or printed and posted on the job site.

Make Safety a Top Priority

The safety of your workers should be a top priority. Make sure that everyone has the proper safety equipment to do their jobs, such as hardhats, protective eyewear, and welding helmets. At the same time, quality management should also make certain that the job site remains clean and uncluttered. While clutter may seem like the norm on a construction site, discarded water bottles, papers, and other waste scattered about present serious safety hazards. Tools are more likely to get misplaced and mistakes are likely to occur. Not only does safety suffer, but so does quality.
Make job site cleanliness a part of your safety protocol. Include it in your quality management checklists. Have each team hold each other accountable. Each team is much more likely to ensure a clean site when they know they could get called out by the next team if they leave it in disarray.
Quality is vital in any construction job. The finished project needs to be safe to use and up to code. With quality management, you help to ensure quality the first time, reducing the need for rework. Not only does this allow you to stay on-budget, but it also helps to ensure that your clients are satisfied with the work you do.


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