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Time-Tested Ways to Attract Clients for GC Business

Time-Tested Ways to Attract Clients for GC Business

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Being in the contractor business is tough – and not only because of all the responsibilities you have and the demands of your job. It’s hard because of the competition out there that keeps growing by the day. With everyone jostling to stand out in the eyes of their clients, how would your business stand out? Well, there are a few time-tested ways that never fail to do the job. And here’s bringing you a brief discussion on all those ways. Read on!  

Visit your potential clients  

Construction is more of a relationship-based field – who you know and how well you know them are both important. You need to go out and talk to your clients because that’s one of the surest ways of securing leads.   
Try to aim for at least five to ten potential clients every week. Go and introduce yourself, along with a short sales pitch to the companies operating in your area. It will give a major boost to your business.   

Market your business the right way  

In this era of digital marketing, there are more ways than one to make yourself get noticed by your potential clients. To start off, you need a good website that loads fast and has an attractive user interface. Next up, you need a contractor logo maker to create the perfect logo for your business. Whether it’s formal, funny, or quirky, your logo is one of the things that people identify your business with.  
Then, you need a kickass content creation team that can upload relevant blogs and guest posts on a regular basis. In addition to all these, you will have to invest in email marketing to directly reach out to your potential clients.  

The title page technique 

If you look at any set of plans, you will find the names of a long list of people on the cover sheet. Now, get in touch with the owner or the architect to know who else is going to bid for the job. It gets you a potential owner or architect who can fetch you more work, and you have the names of all the General Contractors you can send the bid to.  
Then, contact every contractor to know whether you can send the bid to them and be on their bidding list. So, rather than having one general contractor, you can have more than three, which increases your prospects of getting a contractor project increase by over 300 percent.   
You only have to make a few phone calls, so this is something you can begin doing right away. If you are starting off early in the business and you need a quick way to get more work, this can be a good way to start.  

Contact a reliable estimating company  

If you handle all the responsibilities as a salesperson, project manager, bookkeeper, etc., you are too overworked already to focus solely on sales. Thus, it is better to hire an estimating company that handles your estimates so that you can make more profits. Additionally, getting detailed estimates helps you in tweaking and plugging in as per your bids. It helps to improve the closing rates, so it is a win-win.  
There is a general assumption that the lowest bidder always gets the cake, but that’s not the case. The ones who build up the highest perceived value ends up winning. When the client has just one price to look into, such as in the case of government projects, they would choose the cheapest option they get.   
You will be pretty much unstoppable when you can position yourself as the most valuable and trustworthy contractor around.   

The audition method  

When actors want to secure good roles in the movies, they go for auditions to show their skills and talents to the casting director. You would be surprised to know that construction bids are a lot similar. The best sales pitch to stand out and the best estimate to wow the owner – and that’s all you need to land the job.   
But where and how would you get the opportunity to audition? Most clients do not even consider new bidders seriously. So, this is a major challenge you need to overcome.   
If you want to fix this, you will have to stand out by offering longer bids or something with unusual items. Keeping unusual items in the pricing is solely targeted at making that potential client call you up and talk about it. It is one of the easiest ways to get more and more calls from your potential clients.  
It not only gets your foot right in the door but also smooths out the way for you to have a great audition.  
The endnote  
And now you know some of the most useful ways to capture the attention of your clients! So, go ahead and apply these techniques and let the revenue roll in.  
Writer Bio 
I love writing. If someone asks who Anthony Scott is my colleagues and friends will tell you that I’m a geek into gadgets, photography and software. I like to find out how things work, and if possible write about it. I’m new in this field of content writing, and I hope I can succeed in convincing readers with my writing.  


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