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Things To Know Moving into to Newly Built Home

Things To Know Moving into to Newly Built Home

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Your dream house is complete, and you’re ready to move in. The idea of occupying it is exciting since you’re starting a new life. But before moving, there are some things you need to consider. The process might feel overwhelming, from final inspection to packing to settling in.

What about hauling your belongings to your new home? As a New Yorker relocating within or out of state, a moving company in New York City can come in handy. Here are the things to consider while moving to a newly constructed house.

Conduct a Final Inspection

A final inspection before moving can help ascertain everything is in order. Do a walk-through of the house with the builder to inspect everything – flooring, appliances, kitchen fixtures, water valves, ceilings, and doors. The secret is setting enough time so you can check everything.

If you want to capture all the details, visit the house with a family or friend for a thorough inspection. Alternatively, hire a professional inspector. An inspector knows what to look for and will notice issues that you might not spot.

If there are any problems, take photographs and request the builder fix them before moving in. Before closing on the property, ensure the builder fixes all issues and shows you how all systems run, including the warranties.

Plan Your New Space

Knowing what goes where in your newly constructed house saves you time and trouble when moving.

Make a floor plan to know which room is ideal for what purpose. You’ll be moving your household items and old furniture, and you want to ensure they perfectly fit in your new house.

Take accurate measurements of all doorways, hallways, and rooms to determine if your old items will fit.

Think about how best to arrange the new space. Allow your creative juices to flow when making suitable arrangement plans. Ensure the arrangement and interior décor reflect your personality. After settling in, you can make changes to ensure everything stays as you want.

Update Your Address

Your newly constructed house comes with a new address. It’s likely that many organizations and businesses you deal with have not registered the new address on their databases.

Update it and give it to family, friends, and institutions you wish to retain relationships.

If you’re moving to a new state, contact your motor vehicle department to update your vehicle’s registration and provide a new driver’s license.

Updating your address with your post office and notifying everyone might seem daunting. So, plan to do that job a few weeks before moving.

Transfer Utilities

Moving to a newly constructed house means you have to arrange for the transfer of utilities. That’s unlike moving to a previously occupied place where all services run. When settling in your new home, you will need electricity, water, and gas.

Transferring and setting up utilities is quite laborious, unlike switching utilities from a previous owner. It’s advisable to arrange for the transfer of utilities a few weeks before moving.

Remember, you are moving to a new place where you’re likely to meet new utility companies. Research the best companies and call them in advance.

Pack Your Belongings

Packing is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks when moving to a new house “It’s crazy time-consuming, requires a ton of rearrangement, and first-timers will often neglect safety during actual transport,” note relocation experts Fantastic Removals. When packing/moving, you don’t want to lose or damage valuables.

Your goal is to pack everything in a well-organized manner. Purchase moving boxes or visit local retailers to collect any container that might help with packing.

Use your suitcases and laundry bins to ensure you save money on packing boxes. Remember to label your boxes for easy unpacking after arriving at the new house. Color-coded stickers might be helpful during labeling.

Remember to pack an essential box containing items needed immediately after arriving. This box might contain air mattresses, bedding, bulbs, snacks, some outfits, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, which you’ll need in the next 2 hours.

Get Rid of Some Possessions

You already have a list of all possessions you need to move. Some items such as old furniture, clothing, appliances, and bedding are better thrown away or donated.

If you have items you won’t need in your new home and are still in good condition, sell them or give them away. Decluttering your old house will make the process of moving easier and cheaper.

The fewer items you move, the easier it’ll be to unpack and arrange. It’s also a great way to have less clutter in your new house.

Find a Reliable Mover

If you don’t have a truck to haul your belongings to your newly constructed house, hire a reputable mover to get the job done.

Reliable moving companies are important, especially when moving from state to state. You can take care of kids and pets as the company relocates your possessions. With dozens of moving companies in your state, choose one that best fits your needs.

Ask your friends and workmates for recommendations or read moving company reviews. Select a few companies with the best ratings and get in touch with them to get their moving costs.

The ideal moving company should be licensed, trustworthy, and capable of relocating your belongings safely. Plan your moving date with your mover and book their services.

Meet Your Neighbors

After settling in your newly constructed house, it’s time to get acquainted with the surroundings. Explore the place to discover the nearby markets, shops, schools, and hospitals.

When you run into a neighbor, greet them and introduce yourself. Let them know you’re their new neighbor. Ask them questions about the area and get involved in community affairs.

After knowing your neighbors, could you invite them for a housewarming party? Spend time with them and learn more about them.

Final Thoughts

Moving into a newly constructed house is awe-inspiring. However, the whole idea might sound overwhelming with all preparations, requirements, and tasks needed for a successful move. Luckily, a reliable moving company in New York City can help relocate your belongings. Follow the above tips to help you relocate to your dream house quickly.



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